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The background of Xyo is not extremely complicated yet not extremely deep either. Xyo is a ranger and Good character with the likely origin of Swordhaven.

After he went to live in Battleon he often goes hunting in Greenguard Forest. When he encounters Twilly at a cliff edge one day, he decides to punt the moglin off. But fails and somehow gets bolted of the cliff himself.

On the bottom he lands on top of Dracorath which whom he defeats an evil mage and later joins the Society of Lore. Which is meant to protect Lore from Drakath's rising powers.

Xyo agrees to join them and takes part in their training program.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

Xyo does not appear as NPC anywhere in the AQWorlds lore, nor is referred to. But agreeably he has had a considerable influence.

Hero Smash and PTRO Lore

Other than being mentioned that he has contributed to these games there are no referrences.

Fun Facts

  • Xyo is one of the few to have visited Artix' real life house.
  • Did not try to hide that his first name was Lucas.
  • Is often referred to as 'the good Xyo' within AE, because there also have been an hacker named Xyo.
  • Used to troll and have fun with AE staff in-game.
  • Set the trend of making AQWMusicVideo's.
  • Had a friendship relation with Randor the Red and Artix Krieger.

Real life story

Lucas Xyo, or Xyo is a legendary player which was around at the founding of AQWorlds in 2008 and quickly made a solid group of friends.

As he loved AQWorlds so much and the fun he had in game, he started making Music Video's tutorials and animations about AQWorlds. His first movie clip solely made out of AQWorlds content was called 'The Corruption of Lore'

Joining Artix Entertainment

By then he got noticed by Artix Krieger and the two build kind of a friendship around animations and in-game fun and Xyo even visited AE in real life before releasing the sequel of the animation.

In 2011 he joined Artix Entertainment as voluntary animator and artist. With the main reason to work on animations, and work on Artix Entertainments new projects.

Work with AE

This includes Xyo's own project PTRO (Put the Record On) which was musical MMORPG in the making. For this purpose Xyo got to 'hire' some of his friends to work on this project as well.

When this was going on, Artix Entertainment launched Hero Smash. Xyo and some of his team members were asked to join the new team, lead by Randor the Red. Together they started off this game really well with Xyo as animator and other devs for programming and art.

Leaving AE

Despite the good start and the expectations, HeroSmash wasn't doing as well as expected. A push in more content was needed but the team was lacking to pull that off. So Artix Entertainment insisted that Xyo dropped PTRO and would fully focus on AQWorlds promotion and HeroSmash. This happened due to flaws in how the game was designed. Xyo then worked with HeroSmash for a bit, but unfortunate events around communication with staff members caused him to not be with AE anymore.

After this he pretty much let his contacts within the AE community slide too and disappeared in the mists of time.


After leaving AE without news Xyo started a new parkour based flash game called XKour. He formed a development team with his friends and was successfully gained a decent amount of player base. Sadly, the game was filled with hackers who abuse the in-game purchases and this forced him to shut down the game. Not long after closing the game, he started a new project called Chibion, this project was fairly similar to XKour but with more fantasy twist. He created the game with the same team behind XKour but the development of Chibion was ceased not long after the alpha for an unknown reason.

Now after he closed two of his project. Xyo formed a studio called Lunime (previously Luneon/CyanPro) that focuses on creating mobile games, after a few years prior to forming the studio. Lunime created Gacha World and Gacha Life which later gained a massive amount of fans that's very loyal to the game.