Originally Xellos was named Kanlican, the youngest son of a farmer in the Chiral Valley around the town of Mobius.

His family were rich farmers because they grew prized and renowned moglinberries which sold for a lot of money. After moving to the rich soil of the Chiral Valley they discovered a new vegetable called 'potato' and decided to grow this new delicacy.

The attack on Chiral Valley

At the day that the Chaos Lord Escherion invaded the valley he was out on the fields to care for the crops, as his family had went to the market in town.

As the town was attacked by Chaos, the DAF (Duck Air Force) and the Ambassasuirrel squadron (led by Lothalis) from the Fairy forest came by. In an attempt to stop them from eating the crops Kanlican got knocked out and locked up in the barn with a living Cake.


A disciple of chaos found him there and started to chaorrupt him but couldn't complete the chaorruption process because he was saved from his hands by allies that came to the towns defense.

Artix Krieger, Beleen, Cysero and Gjappy decided to keep him uncosnicious because they didn't know how much the chaorruption had affected him yet.

When they returned Cysero attempted to eat the cake as he was hungry, but as the cake dodged him he realised it was a living cake created by a Cake Master.

The becoming of Xellos

Beleen and Gjappy tried to heal him when he awoke, but could not remove the chaorruption done. He remembered nothing of his old life only than that his name was Xellos and the power of potatoes.

He wandered into the farm field and could make a connection with the potatoes around there, which all turned pink and came alive.

After this as they were forced to retreat from the Chiral Valley for The Hero to rescue it later, Xellos went to Battleon with the others. There Warlic learnt him to use his potato powers better, after which he send his potatoes into the world of Lore.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

Xellos is mentioned in the AQWorlds Lore in the special Pink Potato Pet which only he and some others own.

During the Battleon Chaos War he was briefly visible in the fourth screen as being non-interactable NPC.

AQ3D Lore

In AQ3D he is mentioned as one of the people that helped at the Tech Demo and Alpha stages of the game.

Fun Facts

  • Xellos can morph into a pink potato, which is his personal item in AQWorlds.
  • Was the very first player to enter AQ3D.
  • Never played any game without trying to find exploits.
  • Forms the 'potato squad' with 2046808, Veto and Blood.

Real life story

The real life Xellos is a player originating from Europe, playing AE games since 2006.

When in 2012 the first version of Adventure Quest 3D, Legends of Lore was announced he became very curious. As Xellos naturally tries to find exploits, cheats and or hacks he actually did find a way to enter the AQ3D server at that time. While it wasn't open for public yet; he had fun in there suprising staff like Zhoom and invited Gjappy to come too before Artix Krieger noticed them.

As all glitches and exploits were pointed out honestly, Artix decided to hire them both as AQ3D testers.

Becoming Whitehat

Later on Xellos and his friend were drafted by Lycus to form the very first 'Whitehat team' which consisted in finding exploits, copyright breaches and tracking down malicious hackers and scammers the mods couldn't catch in-game. This team was secretly around until it was disbanded end 2014 by Nythera.

One year later the current whitehat team was found by Zazul.

Other activities

As Xellos enjoyed the whitehat things more than actual testing, this is what he kept doing regardless if his old team was disbanded or not. He always preferred to work alone with only communicating to either Artix Krieger, Aqua or Gjappy.

Which is why refused to join the new whitehat team and got placed as AQWorlds and AQ3D tester in the new version of the game in 2015.

He also helped frequently as contest judge for various contests, from which he got the pink potato pet and the badges. He got his personal potato armor in AQWorlds and occasionally bug tested for both games.

In 2016 he left Artix Entertainment because after the last year his motivation and time to work for AE had been dwindling down. And so he left going for new challenges.

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