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AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

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Mechquest Lore

Warlic serves as the founder and Dean of G.E.A.R.S. University, and appears significantly older. He is chrono-sensitive, and suffers from an increasing onset of dementia as the Shadowscythe (and the Hero) damage the timeline through use of wormhole technology. Dean Warlic, as he is known by, was the one to create the technology to defeat the Shadowscythe by causing a Reset of the universe. He was the last person the Hero saw before the Mechquest universe Reset into the Dragonfable universe, through use of a pre-recorded message with instructions on how to save the universe aboard his personal starship, the Mage. He also had set aside the Hero's diploma and a cup of coffee- a cup of coffee which spilled onto the computer, damaging the technology which caused the Reset to glitch, resulting in the Dragonfable universe rather than a fixed Mechquest universe without the Shadowscythe.

Dragonfable Lore

Warlic the Blue Mage is, tied with Cysero and possibly Xan, the most powerful Mage on the face of Lore. He resides in a Mages Tower in an unknown location, along with his roommate Cysero. He split the tower in half with a painted yellow line as he was sick of Cysero's shenanigans and violent sock golems. It is unknown how long they have lived together in the Tower, but it has been at least a decade. He also lives with his apprentice Nythera, who was entrusted to his care decades ago by her parents. At one point, Nythera rebelled against Warlic, angry that he kept saying she was not ready to learn her biological void magic abilities and was too impulsive, and she ended up killing him with a poison she devised in a duel. Nythera obtained his staff and orb, thus inheriting the trait of his backwards-flowing mana.

AdventureQuest Lore

AdventureQuest 3D Lore

Warlic is the owner of BattleOn's Magic Shoppe, and serves as a quest-giver for the player, to bring him various magical and alchemical ingredients. He is currently studying disparities in the mana of the Lore, and his fireplace is a magic portal that goes between he and Cysero's shop.

Fun Facts

  • Was once locked in a closet by Korin for five days while Korin took over development of Mechquest to create his own character and planet.
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Real life story

Warlic has been a close friend of Artix's since childhood . They met because they shared the same name (Adam has almost the same first name as Warlic's last name) and Warlic got upset with their 2nd grade teacher because he thought she kept messing up his name, while the teacher was in fact calling on Artix, who sat right behind him. From there, they became close friends and bonded over a love of video games. They created their first video game together, a minigame that can now be found in the original AdventureQuest, involving Jimmy the Eye as a simply point-and-click shooter made using art from MSPaint when they were still kids. Artix made the art, and Warlic did the coding.