Veto the potato originates from the Cyber-realm.

He was sent to lore for an unknown purpose and befriended Gjappy the Human Angel in his various adventures.

He accompanied Gjappy as first on his travels to the City of the Dawn. Where Veto also participated in the battle as blacksmith and communicator.

He also is known to have opened portals for foreing reincforcements. He also has a human form which he can assume at will.

After the battle he traveled with Gjappy to Battleon which was under siege due to the Chaos war. While evacuating from Battleon they got ambushed by Chaos rogues. Nythera and Zazul decided to sacrifice Veto as decoy. Much to the grief of Gjappy whom then turned his back on them.

Much later he re-appeared to save his friend. This time in his true human form as galactic archer.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

Does not appear in any in-game content as NPC, but is referred to as the maker of the Blade, Rapier and Spear of the Dawn and Blade of Divine Intervention.

The Rod of All Potato is also a referrence to him but is made by Gjappy.

Fun Facts

  • Shared his potato and color with 2046808 from Epic Duel.
  • Avid gamer with a broad ranger of gaming interests.
  • Is also artist and coder.

Real life story

A player of AQWorlds since Alpha and enthousiastic gamer.

He joined Artix Entertainment in 2013 as tester of Epic Duel and adopted the potato character. Due to unfortunate events and a mistake he later joined the AQWorlds team.

On the AQWorlds team he was accepted as Bug Tester and joined the team of Gjappy. They quickly became close friends over time until he had to leave in 2014 under unfortunate circumstances..

From there he kept the friendships made within AE, still games a lot but is not active in the community anymore. From what is known from his Twitter is that he is now a professional web-developer and programmer for a company.

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