The Artix Entertainment Timeline

For each of their respective games Artix Entertainment put them in one universe; with the main world being called Lore. Except for Epic Duel and Oversoul this is the world where the Hero and all the people live on.

To explain the existence of all the other games and timelines within the Artix Entertainment Universe one big event happened in the first game of Artix Entertainment; being AdventureQuest. In AdventureQuest the dragonslayer named Galanoth fought the Eternal Dragon of Time, defeated and killed it. As this happened the AdventureQuest timeline as it was known got 'chopped up' in a lot of different timestreams. 

These timestreams do explain the excistence of the other games. But they also explain why certain characters do different actions in other games of Artix Entertainment or do or do not exist there. This also counts for certain events and creatures.

The AE timestreams are not completely disconnected however. The different timestreams are actually kind of sequels of eachother in a different setting. So is the DragonFable timestream a sequel of the AdventureQuest timestream and the Epic Duel a sequel timestream on MechQuest.


Within the AE universe there are certain characters that can timetravel or hop inbetween these timelines. Some are aware of the fact they can; others just 'live that long' to appear in a sequel timestream. 

For Example J6  is is able to fly from the MechQuest timestream, back to the AdventureQuestWorlds timestream. And he is aware of this. Yet Warlic for example does appear in AdventureQuest and can still be found in the MechQuest timestream; he just survives that long.

The void

Then there is a place where is no time at all; which is called the void. Unlike most timestreams where even the underworlds have a notion of time; the void does not count as a timestream. It basically and litterally means 'nothing' which excludes it from time too. From the void beings like Memet came and entered certain timestreams. But it means as long as they have a way back; they can also enter other timestreams as well.

The void can best be explained as space or the universe. Because if it was literally nothing then nobody would come from there too. Within the void live a variëty of creatures and beings as well; which could be astral beings, celestials/angels, fiends/demons, aliens and mostly creatures that do not neccesarily have a physical body.


Within the timelines there are realms that have a slightly different timestream, but are inherently connected to the timeline. Often realms flow with the timeline that split off, or they do not at all but float above the timestream.

The void realm

This is a part of the void as described above. It is in fact not totally explored and for the most part stays mysterious and vague. But it does partly flow with the ongoing timestream. It also can be entered in various ways if anyone has the power for such. It consists of various dimensions:

  • The actual void, which is disconnected from time.
  • Space, which is logically described as the universe around the planet.
  • The dream realm, which has a way faster timestream but is highly volatile.
  • The Arcane realm, a magical place and more a source of power and knowledge.

The mirror realm

A place that is a mirror version of a timestream where things of reality are mirrored. Where King Alteon is a Good king in the reality of the AQWorlds timeline. He is an evil king in the Mirror realm. The powers of the mirror realm cover some but not all dimensions. It does for example have an inverted space, dream and arcane realm. But it does not affect the void, the underworld or the celestial realm... unless, any of the beings from there have come in the timestream reality. The only beings that have the power to resist being affected by the timestream and thus mirror realm are archangels, archfiends and voidlings.

The Celestial Realm

The celestial realm is the home of the angels and is not connected to the timestream. Things go either very slow or super fast in the Celestial Realm and it's a place where many doors open and close. Each timestream has a celestial realm though and the beings from there are the same as in every other timestream. The only difference is that they have been given other names.

The Underworld

Each timestream has an underworld, and this realm is so immensely huge it can never be fully explored. The underworld is a realm where Death lives along with fiends and demonic creatures. It is connected to the main timestream in the sense that dead souls go there. It is also connected to the Celestial realm in a way. The Underworld expands every time a set amount of souls arrives in it. The underworld is the same in every timestream, but names may differ slightly.

How the timelines connect

AdventureQuest, the first timestream.

Also shortly called the AQ timeline is where it all began. Here Galanoth killed the Ethernal Dragon Of Time and all the other timestreams were created. This timestream is also the most random, contains the most lore so far and most interesting stories about characters in later timestreams.

AdventureQuest or also called AQ Classic is the first known game Artix Entertainment released in 2002 or earlier. Most of it's contents and lore are found in game and on the AE Forums.

Warp Force

The game Warp Force is a very close sequel to the AdventureQuest timestream as it actually builds forth on the already established AdventureQuest Lore. But then more mech and space based. The game is quite unknown and got discontinued in favor of MechQuest actually. Guess the AQ timestream people did an attempt on space, but did not get far enough maybe.

DragonFable, the second timestream.

This is the first actual split off from the original AQ timestream. Known places and characters do re-appear but the story more continues and goes deeper than the more chaotic storyline of AQ. The future of Lore does seem to take a shape and predecents for future timelines and stories get set.

This game did come after AQ Classic and before Warp Force. And it's still going on, for players that play AQWorlds and or AQ3D it contains a treasure of lore.

AdventureQuestWorlds, the third timestream.

Now, the Hero gets a backstory too. More than in the previous timestreams. Also new foes and threats appear, along with the older and known places and characters. The storyline is a lot more defined than in the previous timestreams and it even gets made clear where other timestreams do interfere or split off. After a chronomancer lands in this timestream it begins to become more central than the previous ones, having the most links to others.

AQWorlds as it is called, is the third big game of Artix Entertainment and unlike the other previous ones an MMORPG meaning that players can interact with eachother. As that was such an big success it got the most attention what considers lorewriting as well.

OverSoul, the fourth timestream.

This timestream live split of in AQWorlds during the Dage vs. Nulgath war. Despite winning the war, Nulgath was tricked by Dage to leave the AQWorlds timeline via an portal and landed in the OverSoul timeline. Which is actually a more undiscovered and unknown world different than Lore. The OverSoul storyline is pretty vague compared to the other games sadly.

AQ3D, the fifth timestream.

As you enter AQ3D you might find vague tracebacks to the AQWorlds timestream. The Hero from AQWorlds has been long forgotten except for some vague memories. New villains arise, but also here known characters and places still exist. You just do not remember things from the previous timelines.

AdventureQuest3D is the newest project of Artix Entertainment, launched by a kickstarter in 2016. It is an 3D cross-platform MMORPG and so far a big success. Since it is still young, most of it's storyline still has to be written.

MechQuest, the sixth timestream.

This is a more intergalactic an futuric timestream, featuring mechs and spaceships.

MechQuest was actually created and launched after DragonFable.

Epic Duel, the seventh timestream.

Unlike most timestreams this does not take place on Lore, but on Delta V. The storyline does show connections to MechQuest but does not go as much off-planet.

The game was brought in after MechQuest.

Hero Smash, the eight timestream.

As the modern world finally was founded heroes arose with superpowers. The game has a very different design than most other games, but it is Flash based. Story wise it is actually the most disconnected timestream with only a few referrences back to Epic Duel.

The game was launched after Epic Duel, but not developed long enough to make a solid story.

Summary and overview.

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