The books of Lore stored in the libraries of the City of the Dawn and the Swordhaven archives are frankly the only sources in existence telling something about the Queen of Monsters.

The Slugwrath dynasty

Her origin goes back from before the birth of Drakath which she calls her son. As king Slugwrath is the father of Drakath, likely the Queen of Monsters must have been his wife. Ancient records state that Drakath never saw his mother and that even his father warned him from the abomination living in the basement of the Slugwrath palace.

When King Alteon later on seized the throne and put an end to the Slugwrath dynasty, prince Drakath and also his 'mother' were gone already.

The Celestial chronicles

The Queen of Monsters has been banned from Lore by a powerful force long ago. Back then she was locked away into the chaos realm. But she is too powerful to be kept there and eventually her chaotic influence leaked out into the world of Lore. With aeons of knowledge and wisdom to her posession she decided to infiltrate Lore sneakily before enfolding her final plan.

With her powers she possessed people and creatures, and invented what is known as chaorruption or chaos. From which she made her son Drakath the champion.

Do note that the actual being of the Queen of Monsters is not physical. But to present herself on Lore she does need a physical body.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

The Queen of Monsters appears in AQWorlds soon after the Chaos Finale. As the Hero defeats Drakath, the champion of Chaos, the Queen of Monsters suddenly betrays her son. Making him choose his own path.

Shortly after that she breaks out of her imprisonment in the Chaos realm, because the Hero left open the portal made with the powers of Death, Artix and Gravelyn.

As soon as she enters Lore she finds a lair on a currently unknown location. A wave of evil and chaos rampages trough the world. All known mages and mystics immediately sense the presence of her ancient evil. After this she launches a number of attacks on the balance and order of Lore.

The Frozen Tower

In the Frozen Norhtlands, Karok the Fallen and the FrostSpawn Horde have begun to overrun the Frozen Tower and Ruins. The Hero has to help Syrrus to seek out the Scythe of Vengeance, the key that will lock the Portal Gate and prevent the FrostSpawn Horde from invading.

Embersea Island

Embersea Isle is under attack from Tyndarius and the Firestorm Onslaught. Kyron and the rest of Embersea's citizens need the Hero's help to stop him.

Brightoak Grove

The Celestial Horn of Balance has been stolen and the World Tree is under attack by Nevana and the Queen of Monster's forces. Ravinos Brightglade, Aven Greywhorl, and the rest of Brightoak Grove's people call for the Hero to stop her and preserve Balance.

Invasion in the Celestial Realm

The Queen of Monsters finds allies in the Infernals which invade the Celestial Realm trough a portal made by her. Aranx and the Angels defend their realm vigorously, with the help of the Hero. Even when some of the Celestial weapons are stolen they are tracked down and have to take out Malxas to get them back.

Doomwood: Paladin's Trial

A new paladin recruit in Doomwood finds out that the usual undead and monsters in Doomwood are behaving strangely and are stronger than usual.

Darkovia: the Dark Diaspora

As Darkovia is invaded, both the vampires and the lycans blame eachother for the invasion. Until they realise this is not caused by either of them. For the first time in decades an uneasy truce is formed to defend their homes from the demonic invasion launched by the Queen of Monsters.

Shadowfall: Darkness Rising

Shadowfall, the home and capitol of the Shadowscythe empire is under siege by undead and the Queen of Monsters forces. Empress Gravelyn and her generals build up the fortifications and hold off the invaders.

Swordhaven: the New World

The forces of the Queen of Monsters also invade Swordhaven the capitol of the Good faction and home of the Swordhaven royal family. While the royals are still divided over who's the new king after King Alteon's passing; they suddenly have to face the new enemy. After a short siege, Swordhaven falls and the Shadowscythe empire comes to the rescue to evacuate the royal family and the suriving civilians. Only Princess Tara is left behind..

The Destroyer

In the wastelands, a portal to an toxic world opens and a being named Extriki walks on lore. He poisons and corrupts everything in his path with the other lesser spawns. He has to be stopped.

The Reshaper

In another part of Lore, Kolyaban corrupts the wildlife and animals. She even manages to corrupt Aria the daughter of Yulgar and gathers a cult around her. As she travels toward Felguard, the Darkblood think she is an ancient goddess, which appears to be a big mistake.

Other AE game Lore

The Queen of Monsters is not explicitely mentioned in any other AE game lore. But it is logical to think she is or was already present in the background of the AQ and DragonFable lores.

Fun Facts

  • She might ressurrect Sepulchure, which is still a rumor.
  • Does not care about her minions at all, nor her son. But does love her daughter Kolyaban.
  • One of the cutscenes displays a figure which resembles Envy from DragonFable.

Real life story

The Queen of Monsters storyline is written by Geopetal.

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