Valen Pulchure, more commonly known as Sepulchure, was the leader of the Shadowscythe. He was the wielder of the Necrotic Sword of Doom and was the father of Gravelyn Pulchure.


Early Life and Travels

Valen Pulchure was once a mortal swordsman, known to be heroic, pure of heart and ever ready to protect the weak and defenseless due to which he was idolized by many. It was said that Valen was so skilled with the sword that he had never lost a duel. Hence Valen's greatest flaw was his inability to admit defeat. He befriended the young Alden and the healer Lynaria. Together the trio fought against the evil of the land and overthrew the evil Tyrant King Slugwrath. Alden, now under the name of Alteon, took the throne and became king of the land. However it was when Alteon decided to take Lynaria as his bride that Valen's envy arose.

Both Valen and Alteon were in love with Lynaria. To resolve this, they secretly held a private duel. The victor would gain the opportunity for her hand in marriage. The winner is unknown, but it can be assumed Alteon won and ended up marrying Lynaria.

Descent into Darkness

However on the day of the marriage, Dethrix, the Champion of Darkness attacked and kidnapped Lynaria. Out of loyalty and love, Valen went to the Necropolis alone and fought Doom Overlord after Overlord until he reached Dethrix at the lowest level. Valen and Dethrix faced each other in combat and yet again he had to taste the bitter taste of defeat.

Valen laid cold and dying but even in death he would not admit defeat. He was willing to do anything to save Lynaria. The Mysterious Stranger appeared and offered him cursed DoomKnight armor. The armor would consume him and in return, give him the power to defeat Dethrix and save Lynaria. He donned the armor and as it grafted on his skin, the darkness began to consume him. His love turned to hatred, his fear into hunger. Valen rose as an undead but he was no longer Valen. An ancient shadow, a creature of unimaginable power whispered to him his new name: Sepulchure. Valen, now under the name of Sepulchure, took Dethrix's life, his title of the Champion of Darkness and control over his armies. Although the knight formerly known as Valen had saved the one he loved, it had cost him his mind, body and soul.

Champion of Darkness

Shortly after, Sepulchure joined the Shadowscythe where the Mysterious Stranger warned him that the lords of the plane of shadows would send forth a shadowborn (one born on the plane of shadows) to replace him. In response to this, Sepulchure sent his undead army, created by Noxus to attack and destroy the shadowborn's hometown however the shadowborn survived. Sepulchure, assuming the shadowborn was dealt with, became the leader of the Shadowscythe and turned his attention towards Swordhaven. He learnt Necromancy from Noxus and began to build his army. For nearly twenty years he amassed his forces in order to wipe out the living from Lore. Thus the war between Good and Evil began.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore


After years at a standstill in the war between the forces of good and evil, Sepulchure decided to end the war that had plagued Lore. He launched an attack on Swordhaven, with his army of the undead. Sepulchure fought his way to the king's throne room where King Alteon awaited him. The two dueled, with neither side gaining advantage over the other. As each side was readying to deliver the final blow, a winged figure descended and interrupted the duel.

The dark figure revealed himself to be Drakath, a former underling of his. Drakath raised his sword, and with a single slash, both Alteon and Sepulchure were corrupted with Chaos. Weakened by the magic, Sepulchure mocked Drakath over his attempt to kill what was already dead. Drakath then lunged to rip out Sepulchure's heart of darkness. After a final attempt to attack his former servant, Drakath crushed his heart, breaking the bind between him and his armor and thus with the world. The soulless armor collapsed causing a huge explosion of red and black energy.

Alternative Reality

With Sepulchure gone, many from across Lore made attempts to overthrow Gravelyn and take the Shadowscythe for themselves, claiming that she was unfit to lead the Shadowscythe. The most notable attempt was by Noxus, who now as a lich had created the Paladinslayer Vordred with help from his apprentice, Sally. Sometime after Vordred was destroyed and Noxus' skull was made to adorn a staff, Gravelyn had a dream involving a duel between black-armored versions of Artix and Sepulchure, which Noxus interpreted as a vision of the future. Noxus revealed that he knew Sepulchure before he became the Sepulchure everyone knew and feared, and that only his helmet would allow someone to enter the forbidden vault of the Necropolis. With that, Gravelyn called for the AdventureQuest Worlds hero and gave them Sepulchure's helmet to enter the Necropolis dungeon with.

At one time, Vordred was rebuilt by Noxus and Sally into Chaos Vordred with Chaos magic provided to them by Drakath, and had taken Gravelyn prisoner. But just when Vordred was about to kill the hero, Artix, and Gravelyn, a character resembling Sepulchure appeared from Lynaria's tomb to grant the wish of Gravelyn to bring back her father. The Sepulchure look-alike destroyed Chaos Vordred effortlessly much to everyone's amazement. Later,Drakath, learning of Gravelyn's partially-granted wish, released an essence that allowed Lynaria's tomb to fully grant said wish and play with time and reality, taking everyone to an alternate past created by Drakath showing what the world would've been if Drakath hadn't interfered with Alteon and Sepulchure's duel.

The zombie reality

In a said alternate past, as Alteon and Sepulchures' swords clashed, the hero appeared and attempted to stop the duel to prepare them for Drakath's arrival, but, Drakath never showed up. Sepulchure attempted to kill the hero, but Alteon sacrificed himself to save them, defending them with his own body. Assuming that the Champion of Light had been defeated, Sepulchure attempted to open up a portal to the plane of darkness, but was unable to do so. He understood that Alteon was not the Champion of Light after all, therefore he devised a plan to find the real Champion of Light and summoned Death. He killed Death and by doing so he triggered a zombie apolcalypse in hopes of finding the real Champion of Light, as they would be immune to the effects of zombification.

Later, while Artix, Gravelyn, and the hero fought off the zombies, when Sepulchure found Gravelyn missing, he remorsefully decided to break his promise to Lynaria to keep her a secret and vowed to slay his own daughter with his own blade. As he and his zombie army descended upon Battleon, he issued a challenge to his daughter to a battle, which she accepted. As the two fought, the hero and Artix fought off more zombies only to be attacked by Sepulchure, who drove Artix into Aria's Pet Shop and the hero into Yulgar's Inn where he/she fought against the zombified versions of Cysero, Alina, Galanoth, Warlic, Zhoom, and King Alteon himself. As the hero stepped back outside the inn, Sepulchure faced the difficult decision of whether to finish off Gravelyn or not. Finally, in order to honor his promise to Lynaria he refused, which caused his Necrotic Blade of Doom to lose its composure. Then Drakath appeared and attempted to kill Gravelyn. Sepulchure, however, stepped in to protect his daughter by using his own body to shield her and letting Drakath pull out his heart of darkness. Drakath crushed his heart, killing him just as he did during Alteon and Sepulchure's duel in the normal past.

Enraged and deeply grieved by her father's sacrifice, Gravelyn unleashed her true potential as the Champion of Light and she and Drakath fought. The Necrotic Blade of Doom used this as an opportunity to take complete control of Sepulchure's armor, turning it into Dark Sepulchure. While the hero and Artix fought against Dark Sepulchure, Gravelyn and Drakath continued to fight. Drakath offered her a choice of destroying her own father or continuing her fight with the Chaos Champion, with no time to do both. Drakath flew away, just as Dark Sepulchure was charging up a powerful attack to use on Artix and the hero, and Gravelyn transformed the Necrotic Blade of Doom into the Blade of Destiny, using it to destroy Dark Sepulchure and undo the effects of her wish.

Other AE game Lore

In Dragonfable, Sepulchure pursues the eight Elemental Orbs which were scattered across different lands in order to create the Ultimate Orb and enevelop the world in darkness while the Hero continually tries to foil his plans. Sepulchure eventually gets hold of each of the Elemental Orbs with the help of his spies and laid siege to Falconreach. He was in the process of creating the Ultimate Orb before being betrayed and stabbed in the back by his servant Drakath. The Hero and Sepulchure then team up to defeat Drakath who fused with the Fluffy, Sepulchure's pet Dracolich. Drakath is defeated, with Sepulchure dealing the killing blow. Then, Sepulchure's master, The Mysterious Stranger, suddenly appears and posseses Drakath to become the SMUDD (Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dragon). The Mysterious Stranger knocks out Sepulchure while the Hero fights him and ends up defeating him with the help of Fluffy. Sepulchure disappears to heal from his wounds while cursing his master for his betrayal. Later on in the game, Sepulchure is shown to have been replaced as the leader of the Shadowscythe by Baron Valtrith.


  • Sepulchure means "tomb" in Latin.
  • His daughter and wife both have "lyn" in their names.
  • In Dragonfable, the patch of fur around the collar of his armor is actually his hair.
  • There is an alternate ending to the fight with Alteon and Sepulchure where Alteon ends up winning and Gravelyn wages war against Alteon to avenge her dead father.
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