Sayn is the angel of salt and sanity but also one of the Celestial Knights. An order of warrior angels that are led by him and his partner Raziel.

As Sayn is the male aspect of the Celestial Knights, Raziel embodies the female aspect. The duo is a referrence to the eternal dualty of life.

As celestial Sayn does stand out because he doesn't quite have the collective celestial spirit that most warrior angels under the Archangel of Vigor have. He prefers to go his own way and actually went against the orders to not interfere with Lore's chaos just yet.

Although not present on the Battle of the Dawn, Sayn does appear in Gjappy's chronicles as a clumsy but cheerful paladin angel that lifts him up by his company. As Sayn doesn't want to leave Gjappy and keeps talking, eventually Gjappy forces Sayn to fly away by pushing him off a cliff. Only to continue his own journeys after.

Next thing that is known about Sayn is that he headed for Aegis Skytower.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

In AQWorlds Sayn does not exactly appear as NPC character unless the appearance of the band Synderes counts as an appearance.

He is mentioned however in the descriptions of a few items he made for AQWorlds with the help of his friend Zee the Legend such as the Celestial Chevalier armor and the Raziel blade.

AQ3D Lore

In AQ3D Sayn is mentioned as being one of the games Testers and Legendary Kickstarter with a custom item.

Fun Facts

  • Loves the color Cyan.
  • His favorite animal is the Llama.
  • Is a member of the band Synderes.
  • Met his friend Zee in real life and learnt art from him.
  • Will be back with AE in June 2019.

Real life story

Sayn does origin from the USA and has been a fervent player of the Artix Entertainment games.

He and his band Synderes were featured in AQWorlds in 2015.

Shortly after this event AQ3D was launched and Sayn went on serious testing sprees in the game together with Platinum Lady. Their outstanding bug reports were noticed by Gjappy AQ3D's lead tester at the time and with some interference of Artix Krieger they were both hired as AQ3D testers.

During 2016 Sayn went traveling and met up with co-volunteers and friends across the USA, being Zee the Legend, Eco and Nyssa and others. He as well visited the Secret Underground Lab frequently. With his new skills he made personal items for staff members as well made some art for AQWorlds guided by Memet.

In June 2017 he had to leave Artix Entertainment due to a real life mission in Argentina, but he promised to return in June 2019.

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