Unlike the other Angels, Relaxbleu was not born angel. She ascended from a humanoïd being to angel and later on to Archangel.

Relaxbleu was born a nameless girl at an unknown but advanced plantet ruled by various dictators which continuously waged war with eachother, caring less about their subjects.

One day heaven send down an Archangel to bring some balance in this chaotic world. Unfortunately the dictators befound the angels their common enemy and most of the angels were defeated.

The Archangel that was send to this planet continued the battle on his own. Due to his supernatural powers the common inhabitants of the planet soon saw him as 'the blue superhero'.

However the rulers of this world sought help at The Queen of Monsters and Nulgath by sending emmissaries to Lore. These two lend them some of their power and due to that the vile people managed to taint the archangel with chaotic corruption which would cause him to fall.

Coming to power

Knowing he would not stand as archangel for very long the 'blue superhero' flew to a nearby town where he sensed to find a perfectly balanced child. He imbued the girl with all of his good archangelic powers and told her she would have a special mission. But not on her own planet. Then he hold her hand and ensured she would fulfil the task he started with. He also led her to an ancient temple dedicated to a forgotten god of justice. There he gave her his winged sword, amulet and a sealed scroll with a blue dragon. She had to never lose these items, the dragon would be hers. The archangel willingly destroyed itself afterwards, knowing the girl would take up his place.

After this day people called her "Bleu" because of the fact that if there would be disbalance or chaos in her vicinity, her eyes would light up blue and she would force balance or justice one way or another.

With the temporary downfall of balance chaos began to thrive in all worlds but the girl lived quite peacefully in her own town which she succesfully defended from everything, until she came to age.

The rise of a hero

At the age of 29 she had brought balance on her world by reuniting it and overthrowing the various dictators. After that she passed the ice blue bridge (as people describe the sign in the sky) and entered the world of Lore with the scroll, the amulet and the sword. On Lore she had Twilly as tutor and served under King Alteon as knight and healer. She also studied magics with Warlic and joined the Order of Paladins. She was on Lore for many years but left shortly before Sepulchure rebelled against King Alteon.

Again, with the scroll, amulet and the Sword of Justice she traveled over the blue bridge to the DragonFable timeline. Where the scroll led her to a blue dragonegg which was destined to hatch for her. She named the dragon 'Blue Sunrise' and trained it for many years until it was able to follow her on the blue bridge.

She returned to Lore as Dragon Lord and settled in Doomwood near Lightguard. There she came in contact with Artix Krieger and helped him on several missions, as well saved him from Vordred one time. Soon after this she 'unified' with the Hero and helped to fight the dragon Desoloth which they defeated without any help.

People gave her the name Relaxbleu or Bleu. Although the Royal Family and the angels refer to her as RelaxBleu as her official name. Mainly because she projects a relaxing aura and dons herself in mostly blue armor.

Official ascension to Archangel

In the war of Dage the Evil versus Nulgath the paladins were a neutral side but would occasionally go over the battlefield to help the wounded and recover lost items. Relaxblue helped with this task and that is how she encountered Aranx whom was at that time serving as mercenary for Dage the Evil. He recognized her sword as being the Divine Sword of Justice. As for it only can be wielded by the Archangel of Balance he figured something must have happened to the original archangel of balance and acknowledged Relaxbleu as new Archangel of Balance.

After the war she traveled with him to the Celestial Realm and got introduced to the other angels. The council of the Cherubim was as well missing one spot as the Archangel of Balance would preside it. Relaxbleu was then given blue archangel wings. And asked to help restore balance on Lore and all other worlds.

The tasks for the Cherubim council and also reigning her home planet took a lot of her time; Relaxbleu stored the Divine Sword of Justice in the Temple of the Dawn on Lore and soon left to her own home planet. There she begot the Scales of Balance which she just brought back to the Celestial Realm when the Battle of the Dawn started. Unable to quickly wield the Divine Sword of Justice, Relaxbleu chose to wield the Blinding Light of Balance which she still had from her Paladin Training.

During the War of the Dawn Relaxbleu came down on Lore with the other Archangels and is said to have defended the western gate of the City of the Dawn together with Asuka. Later on it was also her that opened portals to other dimensions and worlds to let reincorcements come in and give the final blow to the chaos army.

It was also her that founded the Moral Compass that's used by many heroes on Lore that seek to know how they lay on the scales of Balance.

AE Lore

Relaxbleu does not have visible in-game lore yet.

Fun Facts

  • She is an artist of hand-made art.
  • Befriended herself with Mia J Park.
  • She chose to stay on Lore after the Battle of the Dawn.
  • Possibly the friendliest staff member to encounter in-game.

Real life story

In real life Relaxbleu hauls from the Netherlands; she has been playing Artix Entertainment games until she got dragged into AE's Web QA team in 2014. Despite her limited knowledge of english, she was doing that pretty well.

Besides being helping with Web QA work, Relaxbleu also usually helps judging contests. First with Beleen and later with Aqua and Gjappy which she eventually also met in real life for guild purposes.

Relaxbleu was also involved by testing the mobile games BattleGems, AQ Dragons, Undead Assault and AQ3D.

Currently she promotes AE games and is helping with testing more mobile games.

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