Originally Rarest is not from the Lore planet or timeline.

Born from a bear family on the planet of Gallifrey, Rarest almost died when the Time-war tore the planet apart.

As his other family members died in the cataclysm, Rarest was saved by an angel that happened to pass by. The angel dropped the young time-bear in the Lore timeline where Rarest grew up as a seemingly normal bear.

Years later when Gjappy had an encounter with Drakath and was defeated; it was Rarest that found him and kept the mortally wounded angel in his lair.

Together with Bido he helped Gjappy recover and in reward Gjappy granted him back his memories as Time-bear.

After this he traveled with Gjappy and Bido to the City of the Dawn where he took part in the Battle of the Dawn defending the seventh tower of the city.

When the chaos war raged on Rarest accompanied Gjappy and Veto on the skyship of Stratos on their way to Battleon.

Coming there he helped defend the town by eating the chaos warriors alive, which he seemed to like. But later on helped evacuate the citizens to Northpointe as the town fell.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

His NPC can be found in the town of Northpointe in screen 16. He is holding a bear cub as referrence to his bear-background.

Fun Facts

  • Has an odd love for banana's.
  • Actually really likes cooking.
  • Is the only one known to have rode on Asuka the alicorn.
  • Is able to open portals to other dimensions.
  • Thinks chaos tastes good.

Real life story

After years of being player Rarest story with Artix Entertainment began in 2013 where he befriended Gjappy who just had set up the Web QA team at the time.

Together with his new friend Rarest worked hard to make an overview of all best compatible browsers and Flash versions for AQWorlds as well as testing the game FPS and performance in general.

Later on in 2014 he joined the ranks of Artix Entertainment as both Web QA and Bug Tester together with his friend.

Over the years he also helped on Epic Duel as tester and various mobile games. Despite experiencing huge interferrences due to real life.

End 2015 he helped test AQ3D, and received his personal in AQWorlds as birthday gift from the team in january the next year. Later that year he went on international travel, returned as Epic Duel tester but was retired again when that game got discontinued.

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