Born to mana addicted parents in the ruins of a makeshift village neighbouring the royal capital, she was abandoned with no identity inside the walls of Swordhaven. She was discovered by patrolling guards, the same unit she would son come to know as family.

No one came forth to claim the child after an extensive search.The head of the guard at the time, Sir Romero the Platinum knight, stepped in and adopt her as his own, giving her the name Solariys Swordhaven.

Life in Swordhaven

Growing up inside the walls of a Fort was never an easy life, despite how a close knit the units seemed. Being trained to defend herself from a young age with a multitude of common weapons types, her favourites still were sword varieties alongside bows. Soldiers came and went frequently from her home with the circumstances as varied as the people that flowed through, however as she aged it became apparent that she stuck out far greater than anyone she'd met before.

By the age of eight, her life was dedicated to training as well as accompanying patrols for additional experience on the field, upholding the Knights code from her father to the best of her ability while acting as his eyes along with ears in the years leading up to his retirement.

Light's curse

Unknowingly and unintentionally, Solariys' parents had left her with something no one could have guessed, the fragments of a light elemental that clung desperately to life throughout their mana consumption. Almost like a parasite inside that grew with her over the years - with so many pieces missing of the original elemental, it became more unstable too, creating yellow tinges to her irises early into childhood.

More time spent outside only hastened the instability of her hidden curse, disrupting natural energy balance in the atmosphere, aggressive mood swings and strength fluctuations to the point it caught the attention of several mages. Most notable among them being the famed blue mage Warlic.

Through concern for his daughter, Romero isolated Solariys from the rest of the fort's inhabitants to monitor the situation for himself until the inevitable burn out, happening quite literally. Her body temperature overheating to the point the stone floors were scorched while energy levels finally depleted. It didn't take long for the mage to show himself, calling out to the burning human huddled up into a ball engulfed in light, charred flesh beginning to repair itself - delivering a diagnosis that Warlic had no doubt about, a loss of balance.

Paladin training

Unable to watch the cycle repeat, Sir Romero sent word to Doomwood in hopes to reach the fabled Lightguard Keep, home of the Paladin order, where Solariys would find her second home away from Swordhaven.

Taken into their ranks quickly due to the uniqueness of the case, much time was spent going back and forth between the settlements with Paladins focusing on the balancing and stability of energy whereas the Swordhaven guards used their time to build mental and physical control. During daytime to keep exposure to light at a minimum, the youth stayed at Doomwood being trained as paladin, at nighttime she went on duty in the city to uphold the law etched into her mind.

Hitting teenage hood, she was ready to take on the world as a true member of the guard, taking up the plates once worn by those before her and discovering the vastly darker sides of her beloved home city, the reason why so many brothers and sisters in arms didn't stay, besides the bad pay at least.

Guarding Swordhaven

This was no longer the royal city of peace once painted by those who visited, crime syndicates, mysterious murders and unending drama plagued the seemingly tranquil streets without mercy yet no matter the depth of filth reached, the guard met everything head on without the use of magic whenever possible. These were humans for the most part, why want to risk any use of light while deeming it far too dangerous for general use, what was the point when criminals can be apprehended without drawing more attention?

The daily balance was an exhausting enough battle already, particularly only seeing the Paladins on time off now, expelling built up energy on beasts of the night threatening the capital instead for a little extra safety when the people were most vulnerable. Mentals checks were vital to stopping flare ups occurring, taking on a calm and often cold exterior that worked well against many types of criminals, as well as knowing physical limits so magic wasn't automatically tapped into without knowledge, valuing natural strength and endurance over any mana usage.

The undead assault

It wasn't long before both of her worlds crossed, too much enthusiasm put on slaying monsters with light lead them straight to their doorstep, consuming Swordhaven in darkness as the dead rose from their eternal slumber. All able bodies were ordered onto the field, leaving the previously bustling Fort completely empty, armoury and weapon stands barren.

Sir Romero commanded from the front, his daughter following close behind with the rest of the troops, thick groups of necromantic slaves reacting with the element fragments to cause unpleasant restlessness. Soldiers were spread out over all entrances to the city with the most security directed to where the graveyard opened up - an evacuation protocol headed by Solariys accompanied by one of the royal alchemists.

A glance around the back alleys confirmed her suspicions, her family had secured all but one area yet even looking to that region made her head hurt in intense surges. Once she'd returned, nowhere was spared from the sound of clashing, wounded being tended to in the brief safety of buildings by volunteering priests but Romero had disappeared into battle.

Loose limbs reanimated into newer forms or grabbed at feet, empty graves opening up as traps on unstable ground often leaving troopers stranded from the rest if they survived long enough, all she could do was draw the attention away from them for the moment. No regroup or temporary retreat was called, no orders amongst chaos, leaving the field unnervingly quiet despite the cries of the people. Knowing something was wrong, she split the soldiers into separate groups: lurers, rescuers, frontline and seekers who joined in the search for their leader.

Deeper into the fog, Liches drained any life that drew close to their central circle, feeding the land with threads of stolen essence. Hacking through armies of raw bone and cloth mercilessly in a circle formation, smashing skulls and breaking the limbs into shards whenever possible; their blades only hesitated for a time upon finding once familiar figures, freshly fallen baring the unit’s colours as the rot faded and ate through them. Emotions bubbling up to the surface, Solariys struck them down with blade almost reaching red hot in hand then pushed forward in silence towards the source of madness leaving a fine trail of bone dust and steam, guards too stunned to disagree - faint glow in the distance acting as the only landmark now.

In the heart of it all, her father laid pinned inside the borders of the casting glyphs by former allies, platinum armour pure enough to slow the withering process. Three Liches emerged to claim the soldiers coming into their trap, reaching out with feeble fingers to tear away the souls until a loud cry rung out, sword swiping outwards in an arch to remove the withering hands from the wrists, their husks screeching as they recoiled. Buying her team a few seconds, she penetrated the activate lines etched into the ground through a hard stab, twisting before dragging inwards to break the circle as she stood over Romero.

Liches furiously screeching as they came back around, backup from the battleground slashed away to fall lifelessly to the ground, their energy was resupplying quickly leaving Solariys to make a split decision to save the rest of the forces - unleashing a wall of pure light to bar them into a smaller area, locking her and the undead in a small arena. Brandishing the weapon to continue what she’d started, carefully dancing around her father with each repelling strike, she hoped that the mass of light would seep in and prevent further necroptic spread; they were too far away from any surviving healers to risk making it in time, she couldn’t leave the leaders to restart their work either, holding off too many attacks to focus on healing, she knew she had to end this quickly in the only way she could.

The guard stood proudly awaiting their moves even though limited movement wise, grabbing and incinerating the pieces of husks when they approached if time allowed or otherwise removing additional limbs. When the two liches hung back for a moment, she timed her next move and captured ones skull with the tip of the blade, pulling it down and blasting through using a strong holy unload that set the rest of the Lich alight, throwing them towards another approaching. Crushing the others jaw into the dirt, Solariys had to turn fast to knock off the remainder with her heel as it began to feast on Romero’s essence, allowing the second a chance to drag her off the ground.

In panic, she clung to its form exterting as much raw energy as she could afford that wrapped around in the loose shape of wings and disintegrated its necrotic form from the outside, her armour warping from the intense heat as she dropped to the ground feet below. Helm partially destroyed along side several sprains on impact. She had no time to lose, so got to her knees as soon as possible leaving burnt grass in her wake. In an attempt to crawl over to Romero, shielding him with her own searing body. In one last attempt to get rid the final Lich, she brought the walls of light down and trapped its dying form tightly in raw power. Then gathering her father up in her arms with nothing left to give. She struggled to her feet with his added weight, lifting him high up above the fallen on the field and towards the frontline, leaving a trail of steam and fresh ash that cooled before it hit the floor. Guards catching sight of them quickly took the commander off her hands, staring with a smile as the world faded to black before her eyes.

The Platinum Lady

Word of a platinum knight’s passing always spread quickly through the courts, Sir Romero’s case was no exception, leaving a vast hole in the Fort that couldn’t be filled. Once his daughter had regained consciousness, her drained, bandaged self was hailed a hero much to her annoyance, quietly watching as her father’s honour march made its way along the cobbled paths. Once she had enough light back in her system to begin healing, she was called to the Royal courts herself to be named the next platinum knight for her years of service and work.

Setting to work rebuilding what Romero had left behind, while securing a safer future for Swordhaven. Wanting to remain out of the public’s eye to focus on what really mattered in her mind, the new knight chose the name Lady Platinum as she took up her suit of arms with only one request: that her father’s remaining armour be forged into a blade she affectionately called Novani, designed to hold excess light should she choose.

As year passed on and she still was a rare occurrence to see in Swordhaven, the people started to calle her 'Platinum Lady' or 'the Platinum Lady' as for the few other Platinum Knights were all males.

Personality and other feats

Platinum Lady is not very talkative nor in any form an extraverted character. The term 'lady' is also absolutely not reffering to ladylike manners, it's more a title referring to the fact she is a female knight. She resides in the fort of Swordhaven where the guards and royal guards live too. Which for convinience she split up in the Dawn and Dusk sections that house the guards for day and night time.

Despite being very cold, distant and non-emotional it is not true that she does not feel or has emotions at all. She also owns a cat, named Val, which is has an even worse temper then her owner but is adored by the lady. And she does consider the guard and everyone under her protection as family. But a hug isn't in it for anyone, because she hates physical contact. She even wears her full armor at any time, including her helmet. Only for very close friends or people she respects after combat the helmet goes off sometimes.

On the rare occasions that Platinum Lady is not working, she could be visiting Warlic and study in his library, or is training outside, or might be drinking some strong rum in the guards mess which is send to her from a restaurant in Bloodtusk Ravine.

In times of relative peace the Paladin Order might to a call upon her to set out on quests to hone her skills in magic and fighting. Though she doesn't prefer to use magic at all, she still likes to know a lot about it for strategy purposes. If she accept a quest from the Paladin Order, she usually does it for the extra knowledge and possible moments of peace rather than for any rewards. It was during such quests that she met Sayn and Gjappy but also Rowan, Asuka and Oishii. A couple of them were able to point out to her that if she would be able to complete and balance her inner elemental, she would be able to ascend to be a Valkyrie or Warrior of Light. Gjappy and Sayn learnt her to fly after granting her platinum wings, but these would only be useful to her if she can ascent to valkyrie form, where she is still learning about.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

In AQWorlds, her character does not have made any appearance yet.

AQ3D Lore

In AQ3D, her character did not appear in-game. But was featured a couple of times in the Design Notes.

Fun Facts

  • She will always keep on her armor.
  • Has an eye on Warlic but is rivaled in that by her friend Sora to Hoshi
  • She's not quite a ladylike lady, if you treat her like that she becomes agressive.
  • Unlike most paladins, she loves to cook.
  • Currently the only known female AQ3D Tester.
  • Is very secure and detailed.
  • Does not mind beating up male paladins or testers.
  • Does not have links with Chairman Platinum
  • Is sometimes also referred to as:
    • Platinum Mom
    • AQ3D Ice Queen

Real life story

Platinum Lady started playing AQ classic in 2007 which she greatly enjoyed. Shortly after she also discovered DragonFable and also engaged in MechQuest shortly after.

In 2010 she started playing AQWorlds and witnessed the live One Eyed Doll event in game.

When in 2011 the 3rd Upholder badge was announced to be Platinum Upholder her friend bought her an AQWorlds membership, just for the hilarity of Platinum Lady being a Platinum Upholder. This was her first membership.

The first version of AQ3D, Legends of Lore in 2012 was also visited by Platinum Lady inspiring her to name her first AQWorlds guild after the game.

Sadly the game development got discontinued, and as AQ3D; Legends of Lore got shelved Platinum Lady continued playing AQWorlds, DragonFable and MechQuest during the years 2013, 2014 till end 2015.

As AE staff.

When the AQ3D project got restarted in 2015 she immediately hopped on again and detailed as she is began sending in bug reports to the Bug Tracker together with her in game friend Sayn. Their Bug Reports got noticed by Gjappy as being incredibly detailed; and despite some issues around her friend they both got dragged into the testing team of AQ3D.

Early 2016 as the testing lead suffered from sickness PlatinumLady took over the tasks he could not do at that time and befriended him in the process. The fact that she lives in the United Kingdom which was just 1 hour away from his timezone also helped greatly in the communication.

In March 2016 she got promoted to AQ3D co-lead tester. And had great fun working together with the team. Later that year Oishii also joined the AQ3D testing leads due to a policy change as being in-house staff. Platinum Lady befriended her quickly as well. When Gjappy retired from his position, she took over the AQ3D lead testing from him. Which task she currently still fulfills, without hesitating to tell the truth to players, testers, moderators or developers alike.

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