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 Founding and Purpose

Paladin Pride had a noble purpose. They wanted to be a fun and welcoming place for you to chat and make new friends. They wanted to be a family to players of all levels and experience. Paladin Pride, like most guilds, started off small and looked for anyone willing to join. Soon, they began filling up quickly and started running out of space. Thus, they decided to start a Discord server where every single member of Paladin Pride could interact and have an awesome time.


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Notable events and achievements.


Paladin Pride loved all their members with whom they loved to chill in-game with and have a good time. Sometimes, members joined a voice chat in the Discord server and talked with the leaders, officers, and other members about anything that came up.

People went crazy once Artix joined the Discord chat, and the chat blew up with notifications. People from outside the guild joined and were welcomed with the same affection that an official member would receive. The Artix meet-and-greet was a massive event that everyone seemed to love. Alina's appearance was a close second, which also had many people enjoying conversation with her about future and current AQW plans.

Fun Facts

  • Fact 1: They were one of the biggest and friendliest guilds at one point.
  • Fact 2: They had Artix and Alina in their server for some time to talk with the members.
  • Fact 3: They sparked a lot of people to make guilds like Paladin Pride.
  • Fact 4: Paladin Pride not only cared about its members' in-game struggles, but also their mental health and varying circumstances in life.


Today, unfortunately, Paladin Pride has since disbanded. Some members still keep in contact with each other, but most people have moved on. Paladin Pride will be remembered as a great guild and a home for many. The legacy of Paladin Pride will live on and will not be forgotten for a long time.