As far as is known Oishii origins from the Trolls in Bloodtusk Ravine. Despite her actual background being told in AQWorlds, she does appear already in the AdventureQuest timeline, and thus is actually a pretty old character.

Oishii has a solid obsession with food and cooking, which nobody really objects to. Unless she's teamed up with Cysero.

As far as her culinairy skills go she is a renowned cook and always gets asked to cook up special dishes for events like Thanksgiving, Mogloween or any kinds of parties. She loves parties, where everyone is happy ad there is peace.

Her speciality is coming up with adventurous food; which usually has very rare and dangerous ingredients or could potentially end in disaster if not prepared right.

She does use a bit of magic in her cooking, usually being a bit unstable. With often very unexpected results, luky for her she is that loved as cook that Artix Krieger or the Hero is usually willing to help her out if things go wrong.

Yearly she cooks pancakes in Yulgar's Inn at pancakes day, cooks for the harvest festival at Thanksgiving, lately joined the Couldron Sisters in cooking up something special for Mogloween and finally also helped preparing the Frostvale banquet. If she's not on either of these festivals you can find her in her restaurant in the Bloodtusk Ravine.

As dangerous as her cookings sometimes are, Oishii is often accompanied by Samba her friend and Twig whom will take care of any leftovers and runs errands for her.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

Her first appearance was on Pancake Day 2009 on March 8. Where she can be found in Yulgars Inn and will throw around pretty solid pancakes that can instantly knock you out.

Bloodtusk Ravine

As this is her hometown, she has a restaurant here where she cooks up Troll specialities. As to the storyline of she is very concerned about the peace between Trolls and Horcs. She also points out the eating habits of certain persons.

Together with Samba and Twig she seems to be pretty succesful at her restaurant and besides the talk, there are some ingredient quests and of course a shop of food!

Fear Feast

At the seasonal Mogloween Event Oishii joins in helping the Couldron Sisters prepare potions and candy for the Mogloween Festival. But it gets pretty much out of hand.

Harvest Event

This is a seasonal event around Thanksgiving. You can find Oishii here preparing the Thanksgiving feast, but things have gone wrong with one of her receipes and the Hero has to save the day. This will even mean a look in her kitchen.


On one or two occasions she actually was in Battleon, during a war against food devouring Zombies and also against an invasion of Turdrakens. She's helping the townspeople defend.


On a sad tale about two lovers that lost their life before their wedding day, Oishii wants to help to get their spirits calm and create peace. This is a thing Oishii love to do; create peace. But she can't do this alone.

AdventureQuest Lore

In the AdventureQuest lore Oishii briefly appears at the end of the Great Fire War. She was imprisoned by Drakonnan in his lair together with SmbDoll, and Lady Tomo in one single jail cell. He did this for decorative purposes.

DragonFable Lore

In DragonFable the Hero will meet her in FalconReach in the Inn of Yulgar. Here Oishii recognizes the Hero from the AdventureQuest timeline. Later on in the storyline she will appear again, for sure around the Thanksgiving events. She will attempt to throw a party in Falconreach, but as to be expected things get a bit out of hand before this truly happens.

Her nemesis here is dr. Voltabolt who is more worried about people their teeth then tasty food.

As thanksgiving is a returning event this has a lot of sequels featuring Oishii, but we will not spoil those here.

AQ3D Lore

In the AQ3D timeline Oishii is named Fisn. That is the only known thing about her there.

Fun Facts

  • Oishī (美味しい) means "Delicious" in Japanese.
  • Has not been a public staff member for a time.
  • Has a passion for food in real life too.
  • Oishii loves the cold embrace of winter.

Real life story

Oishii joined the Artix Entertainment team in 2004 as Artist for the game of DragonFable. As she had a big art talent but did not work at the Secret Underground Lab at that time she moved over from North America to Florida, where the Underground Lab is.

There she worked together closely with Geopetal on DragonFable and got featured in-game as Oishii while her actual accounts were named Fisn.

In 2016 she was moved to the AQ3D team as Balance Developer which later in the year became AQ3D voluntary lead and she got to work closely with Gjappy and Platinum Lady the testing leads of the game.

As today she still co-leads the testing of AQ3D with Platinum Lady and is responsible for the game balance and the stats of the items.

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