Origins and early life

Lyean, also known as Anthalos origins from the Yokai Isles. He is of noble ancestry, as his father was a warrior of the Emperor forces and his mother, one of the royal mages, and a cunning strategist.

His family raised him to be a mannered and well trained Spellsword, trained in both swordmanship as magic. When Chaosl Lord Kitsune seized power over the Yokai Isles, his town was attacked and his parents fell by the treacherous acts of other nobles. Lyean was able to escape, but ever since then hates aristocracy and elitism.


Lyean then fled with a few survivors to Swordhaven. And started to rebuild his life from the ground up. Unfortunately he turned the Swordhaven nobles against him too by the intrigue of a noble contracted by Kitsune.

His hatred against nobility grew even more, for sure because all of the things he had to do to avoid escalation. The public humiliation, feeling of being unwanted and his constant being on guard for assasins drove him desperate.

One day his enemies managed to corner him and he would've been silently assasainated if the Angels hadn't interfered and spirited him away from there, killing his adversaries in the act.

The Celestial Realm

He was taken to the Celestial Realm and there got healed of his wounds. Later on he came in contact with Aranx and decided to learn more of the celestial way of living and saw them as allies.

Over time Lyean found out that the Celestial Realm and the angels had a very passive role in the happenings on Lore. Which was not exactly what he thought they should do. They only helped and interfered in extreme cases to people that knew they were there.

His rejective feelings towards this passive attitude grew. Even when he had become more powerful, he wasn't really allowed to do anything. On one of these frustrated moments it was that The Queen of Monsters called out to him, convincing him to join her cause.

The Queen of Monsters

She guided him to Dreadfire keep, promising him strength and answers. Once in the Queen's army, he trained toughly against waves of demons. This training but also the blood of his foes tainted his very being. He discovered a darkness flowing inside him, flourishing from all the past scars and wounds, specially from his right eye, leaving half of his face extremely distorted.

Then he was ready, and became a loyal servant of the Queen.

Here Lyean lost control of himself. Letting all the bottled up feelings be manipulated by the Queen's followers made him be practically possessed, and she used him, like many. They didn't promise change, but mindless devastation. At the few moments he had his own senses, that idea was even more displeasing for him.

Redirecting all his emotions to his real objective, he was able to quell all the darkness coming from them. In this he found a new power, forged into something he could truly use for himself. He decided he wasn't going to be used again and fled, wandering over Lore in search of a place to settle.

The City of the Dawn

As hatred arose against his kind, the Beastmen, Lyean's wandering life pretty quickly became a hunt wherein he was the prey. Becoming outlawed in most regions of Lore, Lyean was constantly on the run until he got caught cornered by inhabitants of the City of the Dawn for seeking a loremaster to help him.

At that point he unknowingly invoked Gjappy to return to Lore from being away for long time, whom saved him from his assailants. Angels do not judge as fast, so after healing Lyean back up Gjappy learnt about what happened to the beastmen and Lyean's personal quest.

Even though he is the most powerful healer in Lore, Gjappy could not heal Lyean's old scars and damaged eye. Lyean would have to find true balance before he could ask the Archangel of Hope to fully heal him.

After living with Gjappy for a while and spreading awareness of the problems of Lore, Lyean decided to set out on his quest to find his true balance and find a group of mutuals that shared his ideals.

The Darkblades

In the ruins of a long-lost castle, he started making himself a place to live. He started using his power to gain followers to join to his cause, teaching them how to fight with their inner darkness. And gathered a group of people to strike down those who use their power against the weak. He made them work and train, not for him, but for themselves.

Some were really strong, fierce, wise and kind. There were even demons and darkened ones who followed a path similar to his. Lyean knew that they had the potential to become means for the big change coming.

Choosing the closest ones to him, he formed the Darkblades, a group of elite magical warriors who swore to be the "night before the dawn of the new era". To become cold assassins of the wicked, and the paladins of the weak. To become monsters the evil were going to fear.

Lyean, naming himself now Anthalos Vixmund, just became a part of his own bigger project. His feelings were easen, and now everything was in motion. He was going to have his revenge. From the fruitful labour of his followers, an dark hope for the weak and the marginalized was finally being built.


Lyean comes across pretty radical and even explosive in some instances, but actually he is soft-hearted. Since meeting Gjappy he caught a fancy for cheesecakes and soft drinks. As well as sweet foods.

Within his circle of close friends and allies, he strongly dislikes personal conflict, as he strives for harmony and unity, which has led to some scary encounters for certain members.

In general, Anthalos likes to be versatile. Doing and showing interest for a lot of things, like schools of magic, swordplay styles, cultures of Lore and people's doings. Mostly because he needs to build reliable allies and is naturally curious. As a defect, he lacks long-term strategical skills, for his memory can be rather faulty. So he relies on others for that. However, in the short time, he's able to come up with easy solutions.

Fun Facts

  • He is actually way smaller and thinner than he looks, but wearing heavy armor and buffing up with dark magic hides that fact
  • He has an obsession with gemstones and jewelry.
  • He loves cheesecake and a lot of kinds of earthly pleasures.

Real life story

Lyean is in fact a student who also works part-time in this Wiki, being one of the first members here. He's been playing AE games since he was 10 years old, and it hasn't been until recently that he adopted this persona.

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