On the island of Yokai there existed a tribe of shapeshifters known as Hengeyokai; this tribe was known as the Risu. The Risu were a race of Squirrels who have the ability to transform into a Human as well as a Human/Squirrel hybrid. Their tribe specialized in espionage as while in their squirrel form they were able to infiltrate bases and were ignored by most the population.

For the most part the tribe was quite reclusive, only venturing forth from their hidden mountain home when offerings were made for a mission to be completed. It wasn't until another powerful Hengeyokai began rising to power that they came out of the shadows to help defend the Isle. The tribe of 1000 strong Risu formed ranks against Kitsune, but ultimately failed against his might. Only a handful of them survived; one of which only lived because he was covered by his felled comrades; his name was Lothalis.

Upon waking up he found his normaly green ninja clothing stained red with the blood of his tribe. Using the healing jitsu he was taught he managed to muster the strength to get to a village nearby where he remained in his human form until he was fully recovered. Upon learning of Kitsune's defeat he set out to find out what happened to the other survivors; but found nothing.

Discarding his Green and Brown Ninja outfit, he made one out of Crimson and Gold - The Crimson representing the blood of his clan, The Gold representing his boldness in which he will now seek revenge against all he sees as responsible for the destruction of his home.

Vowing revenge upon Drakath, he traveled to Greenguard Forest and assembled a mighty clan to assist the so called "Hero of Lore". After the 5 year conflict the army was disbanded and now wandering the world Lothalis realized how empty and alone he truly was. 

It was at this time he was approached by a member of Dage's Undead Legion who offered him purpose, being guided back to the Underworld Lothalis met Dage and was accepted into the Legion with the promise of more power to find and defend the remainder of his clan.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

Lothalis is mostly known for the Ambassador  Program back in 2012. He is offically in Dage's Undead Legion as a Spy.

He once had an NPC in the Guide map, but that got renamed to Bartfast.

Other AE game Lore

He is an enemy in Battlegems - you face him in the "Meet the Testers" where he looks like a Paladin.

Fun Facts

  • Fact 1: Although he is a shapeshifter he is not weak to Silver due to him being a Hengeyokai and not afflicted by lycanthropy.
  • Fact 2: When in human form Lothalis will often dress in armor to look like a Warrior to disguise the fact he is a Ninja Spy.
  • Fact 3: He used to be a witch wielding Cataclysm before the Ambassador program started, when the Ambassador program launched he appeared as a Guardian to match the NPC.

Real life story

Coming Soon!

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