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Being born in the Celestial Realm as Archangel of Life and Love she took the name Skuld as being a living refference to the future of life.

When the Archangel Council decided to send Gjappy to Lore and was alright with him getting stuck there she was the only one of the Council members to object.

As time passed she watched the Human Angel go his path. Angels do not feel love, unless it is their very element which it is in her case. She took her angel brother in her heart.

Becoming Human Angel

As it happened that her angel brother got threatened by a void dragon she rushed in and (against all angel rules) posessed a young girl in the area. Which she got stuck in as she rallied to his rescue without thought.

Being also Human Angel was hard for her as first and the punisment to be bound to a fragile mortal body made her sensitive and confused.

Her angel brother and his friends took good care of her and she quickly made a lot of friends and found salvation for her troubles in singing.

Life on Lore

After travels with her angel brother and his friends Skuld settled in Mythsong city and got renowned for her angelic voice and singing. However her mortal body was getting weaker and she had to sustain it with her angel powers. Nontheless she still trained every day.

During that time she caught love for a mortal warrior which became a solemn guardian of her house in Mythsong. As her angel brother saw this with worries he would not condemn one of his own friends.

Death and life as angel.

One night during Valentines Day she was alone at home and her guardian friend was guarding the house. A stranger came and confronted her guardian with something of his dark past, as to he got guilt tripped to let the stranger pass.

In the events that followed Lady Skuld got assasinated and her angel brother came too late... only to have her die in his arms.

Her body got buried on a secret place in the Mythsong forest. As angels never truly Lady Skuld was sentenced to forever stay incorporeal as punishment for recklessly posessing a mortal body.

Later on people have seen Lady Skuld in open spaces deep in the forests. Dancing with spirit orbs and singing a song of life.

At the Battle of the Dawn, she appeared again as being one of the seven Archangels of Lore and helped raining down the powers of heaven on the Chaos hordes.

Fun Facts

Real life story

Being one of the very few female friends of Gjappy and some of his other friends that became AE staff member; they decided to give Skuld300 a special place in the Lore of their characters.

She was a sensitive but caring friend that was always there for any of us. Until she got heartbroken (literally and figuratively) around 2010 and disappeared very suddenly.