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Originally, Revontheus was a young angel boy from the Celestial Realm. Due to an unrecorded event, he lost his angelic traits for a sin he committed in vengeance. The Celestial realm locked away his angelic powers and sent him to Lore, completely stripped of immortality.

During his time as mortal Ganloth, Revontheus was a Dragonlord. Overall his personality would still revolve around vengeance until way later.

One day, Nulgath found Revontheus wandering through the underworld and forcefully took him as apprentice, he reversed the 'locking' curse that the celestials had put on Revontheus, and instead locked his mortality away. However he still appears as a mortal with dark wings. This took place at the gates of the Abyss.

Revontheus has been serving his Nulgath with the powers of the abyss ever since.

The Evil War

When Dage the Evil waged war against Nulgath, Revontheus was promoted to be one of The Nation's generals guarding the Oblivion Gate.

Aranx, who has been searching for the lost angel the whole time, joined The Legion with the likely purpose to defeat and purify Revontheus. However, he failed because Revontheus escaped with his master to the other side of the Oblivion Gate in Oversoul.

In Oversoul

In the new world that Nulgath and his 'young' apprentice joined, there was plenty of room and souls to collect. Right here, Revontheus displayed his creative and playful methods more by assuming many forms and styles to subdue the inhabitants.

To Epic Duel

For some reason, Revontheus was suddenly and unexpectedly summoned to the Epic Duel timeline by Baelius. Whether Nulgath had agreed to this request of his ally is unknown.

It is there that Revontheus turns against Baelius and his former master Nulgath and seeks his own way of living, starting off by saving Delta V from an incoming threat.

Time in the Void.

After this Revontheus disappeared into the void. Wandering there and coming in contact with the dimension of the Crystallis, where he learnt about harnassing the flame of Adoration and the powers of the void.

There, as he had lost contact with Nulgath he abandoned The Nation and created his own faction.

An yet untold tale about Commander Quadrixus of the Crysallis' division of Void Slayers might have been responsible for the outcome of the Evil War in the past.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

In the lore of AQWorlds, Revontheus is mentioned as the apprentice of Nulgath. He does not appear as actual NPC, but as an enemy in the Underworld map.

Items he created for his master and The Nation can be obtained via quests or as drops from Legion soldiers in the following maps - Underworld and Nulgath's part of the Evil War. However a lot of the items have gone rare.

In the mirror realm, there is a Good version of Revontheus in Bright Fortress.

Later on, he returned to AQWorlds as Kotaro and lands in Artist Alley to tell and sell things from the Crystallis.

Oversoul Lore

Again, in Oversoul he does not appear as an NPC. But he does appear to take the form of various characters. In 2012 his character was released as playable character, with many other versions after it, displaying his creativity in shapeshifting and deceit.

Epic Duel Lore

In Epic Duel, Revontheus can be found in Fortune City. He has turned against his master Nulgath and Baelius at this point and is full of revenge. He mentions that he was once chained but that these are now unlocked; referring to the fact that he was set free after primary AI core was taken down. Apparently he did not serve Baelius willingly. If you go talk with him and accept his missions he will send you on a quest to reunite the Exile and the Legion to both stand up against another invading faction from outer space. With this in mind it is thinkable he does place himself outside any existing factions on Delta V.

Besides this, he can be challenged for a reward badge, and also features a shop with a lot of items he crafted which can be bought for varium or a handsome amount of credits.

Fun Facts

  • The bar-code on his AQWorlds Armor is a reference to his birthday.
  • The followers of Revontheus are either called Abyssal Angels or Revontheus'
  • Despite being very strong, strategy is his only weakness.
  • His personal backitem is called Crystallis of Revontheus.
  • His personal armor differs from the armor worn by his monster counterpart.
  • His appearance is not his true form.

Real life story

Revontheus was noticed by Nulgath in 2012 for having good art skills, being featured as suggestion artist a few times. As it was common in these times for AE artists to take apprentice-artists; Nulgath took Revontheus in as being his apprentice and taught him how to refine his art skills.

When Nulgath went over to Oversoul, Revontheus joined that team as well combining it for keeping up with Nation art for AQWorlds.

Unfortunately Oversoul's development wasn't long lived and as the team fell apart, Revontheus was placed on the team of Epic Duel. For which he made a lot of items, has an in-game NPC and a quest line.

When he mastered all his art skills, Revontheus was the first guest artist of Epic Duel that became an actual artist. He has been an official artist for several months, and hopes it would eventually be a paid position for all the effort and to make a bit of a living from. When this was not the case, Revontheus left the team and Artix Entertainment in 2014 to work on his study and dedicate time to a paid job.

In 2019 he returned to Artix Entertainment as Guest Artist and made several items which got displayed in game.