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There is nothing known about the origin of J6 as person. Mainly this is because J6 is not a person, but a helmet. A code name for Robotic Assistance Apparatus Model J version 6.0 It's unknown who made it, but there have been previous versions J1 till J5.

The helmet J6 wears makes him J6, it has it's own mind and AI or Artificial Intelligence and takes over the brain and functions of the person wearing the helmet.

Over the course of years that the person has been wearing the J6 helmet the body (or hardware as the AI calls it) has been taking serious damage. To patch up the mortal wounds the AI replaced the missing limbs with cybernetic parts, making J6's body a cyborg.

J6 is a Bounty Hunter and mainly lives in his spaceship Hyperium, which has it's own Artificial Intelligence named H.A.L.

He is not employed by anyone and bounty hunts for the highest bidder and 'collects items'. As he flies space, J6 can travel and hop between timestreams and galaxies which mainly explains his appearance in multiple AE universes.

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AE Lore

MechQuest Lore

MechQuest is the very first game that features J6 in-game. He will be called a 'thief' as he stole the crystallized Dragon's Breath from a train to Westion. As the Hero is called in y Joe Jingle to help out to catch J6, it ends up in being a shooting showdown or duel on top of the train. Later on in the game he will respond to Warlic which inquired after a thief of weapon parts. J6 sends in a message at some point to tell that the thief is called Jemini and that he hasn't been able to catch her either.

AQWorlds Lore

In AQWorlds J6 is first of all found in the Sandsea area in the Saloon. He does not appear very friendly, and if you do not complete his quiz right or make a sudden move he will shoot you without pardon.


But if you answer the quiz right, you will receive the coördinates to his starship; Hyperium. Which is a special map on it's own. In here you can learn more about J6 and H.A.L. in a though way with many quests and riddles. It will replay various of J6's previous adventures in the VR room.

The Seraphic Incident

After Envy captured Darkon from the Seraphic Paladins as ordered by Dage the Evil. Laken the hires J6 to free Darkon from he grasp of Envy. Accompanied by Ada they head into Envy's stronghold to rescue Darkon.

Later on Dage the Evil confronts the Seraphic Paladins and Laken, a war breaks out and J6 as bodyguard of Laken has to protect him.

Fear House

As Mogloween fun, J6 makes a Virtual Reality as 'Fear House' challenging a lot of prominent characters to enter the house and face their fears. As they all encounter their biggest fear, a lot of the characters get stuck and the Hero will need to go in and rescue them. This is a seasonal event.

J6 Wedding

A rare event now, but back in 2011 J6 had an in-game event where he married Cinazool. The hero has to help Oishii and Cysero with the wedding cake, beat up some bandits that try to ruin the party. Their guns happen to be given away as wedding presents. After the wedding the new married couple to go on a cruise; but chaorrupted goats almost ruin the fun.

Other places

  • Artist Alley; here J6 sells his artwork for a special map.
  • Birthday; here J6 thanks the players for their contribution in the form of endless inspiriation.
  • Stream: possibly a rare map now, But J6 used to do some art streams back in 2010.
  • Underground Lab: J6 can be found here in the artist room.

Fun Facts

  • Across all timelines, there is actually only one J6- he just has a habit of hopping universes.
  • The previous versions of J6; J1 till J5 are available as armors in AQWorlds.
  • During the Seraphic War, J6 actually wears a different armor, Mattdiver wears a spinoff of the armor.
  • J6 is the inventor of the chessmap in AQWorlds which can hold at least 32 players and was meant for playing chess as his artist shop sells.
  • During the years 2009 till 2011, J6 occassionally did livestreams in the special Stream map for the players to watch. Various items are still in-game.
  • J6 confirmed to not return to MechQuest.
  • Unlike most artists, J6 specializes in background art. The 'Pencil Puddle' map is something he made as proof of his occupation.

Real life story

As far as is publically known, J6 does not work from the Secret Underground lab. He and Cinazool live and work for Artix Entertainment from Canada.

J6 joined the Artix Entertainment team in 2005 along with his then fianceé Cinazool, they both worked for the games AdventureQuest and MechQuest as writer and artist. When AQWorlds was launched, J6 started helping the art team of the game.

In 2010 he left the MechQuest team to permanently work on the AQWorlds team. He did various art streams during this time, launched his own in-game area and became one of the more populair artists. But not really for items, more for the map backgrounds which are essential for the game.

When Nulgath left for OverSoul, J6 was promoted to AQWorlds lead artist. This position he currently fulfills until this day.