Originally born in the Celestial Realm under the name of Exaltiel as one of the twelve first created angels.

When the corruption of creation happened and six of his brother archangels fell, Exaltiel was still a rather young and insecure angel. He believed his fallen archangel brothers' ideology of claiming the Celestial realm for themselves, but was hesitant to actually act against anyone and merely watched the heavens burn.

In the end, the six fallen archangels were defeated and cast out of the Celestial Realm. As the other rebellious angels ran away, Exaltiel fled as well but was caught by the archangel of Balance which was still loyal to the Good cause.

The archangel could not destroy Exaltiel for a reason both were unaware of, but instead Exaltiel was cast out of heaven and was punished by having his angelic essence sealed away in a human boy named Inanitas.

Life as Human

At the morning of his 19th birthday, Inanitas was noticed by a traveling stranger that had taught him the basics of being a spellsword, but left him quite suddenly. Wondering where his master went, Inanitas chose to continue his training alone and seek out his lost master later on.

As he traveled in search of his master, he somehow dropped out of the AQWorlds timeline. We don't really know what happened, it had something to do with riftwalking.. (this story is yet untold) But he popped up aeons later in the timeline as we know it now.

Inanitas went back to seek out his spellsword trainer but the places he remembered did not exist anymore.

A passing veteran swordfighter took care of the confused young Inanitas and trained him in the arts of swordfighting and battle, guiding him up in the ranks of the Swordhaven army and he was eventually knighted Inanitas Lightborne. When Inanitas' tutor got assigned on a mission by King Alteon's decree, the man never returned.

To find his tutor, Inanitas went on a quest into the depths of the Underworld and had encounters that triggered disturbing, dark thoughts he had never imagined. It terrified him and made him feel evil, so he fled the underworld and sought refuge and cleansing in the City of the Dawn.

Separation into two beings

During his time in the underworld and his panicked get-away, a part of his angelic being escaped. It returned to the Celestial Realm and took the form of the Archangel of Death. Though very limited in power, the archangel strives to give the spirits and souls of the dead a second chance and a better future instead of being bound and enslaved. Due to this fact, it is possible that Dage is able to enslave so many souls and that Death is a volatile being. During the Battle of the Dawn, the archangel of Death was also present when the angels rallied to the defense of the city. After the war he led the burial ceremony of the fallen and explained his purpose to the paladin Artix Krieger.

Inanitas was as well present during the Battle of the Dawn defending the eleventh and twelfth towers of the city together with Aster and Pisces. It is said he saved many lives despite two fronts assaulting his position. Whether he felt the presence of his angel counterpart is unknown.

Current life

After the war, he decided to take up his old profession of spell-swordsmanship and sought out the guidance of Warlic in Battleontown. Following Warlic and Alina's advice; Inanitas left Battleontown and enrolled at Sora to Hoshi's school of Magic in DragonRune Hall, where he resumed his spellsword training and after being fully-trained, he was sent to Skytower Aeris to recruit more mage-students and to give spellsword classes.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

Inanitas can be found in Skytower Aegis and DragonRune Hall, where he is recruiting new students for DragonRune Hall, the school of Magic. Warlic sent him there and Inanitas felt he did that out of annoyance.

If you ask him about his past, he will mention that he lost his tutor and that he encountered his 'evil side' while searching for his master. He has learnt to suppress it properly and promises himself to never let it take control again.

He comes across as a bit forgetful when he is talking about his skills in spell-swordsmanship, but explains nicely that Spellswords are sword-wielding mages. He also mentions that he teaches people how to be a spellsword, but that his class is currently 'full', and the possible release of a spellsword class in the future.

Spellsword Teacher

At a point in 2018, Sora to Hoshi promoted him to the Spellsword tutor of DragonRune Hall, exactly on his birthday. Funny thing is that ever since then he seems to be stuck in time and thinks every day is his birthday!

In return for an amount of quests, he will make your character a spellsword as well! But he has interesting requests and makes you hold on to a special rock. Also you'll have to find artifacts that include hints to the lore of other characters, including Pisces, Zorbak, David and Razorclaw. To make it extra challenging he sometimes speaks in code or only gives you clues to search for.

After completing all or a couple of quests you can get spellsword items from his shop.

Other AE game Lore


Fun Facts

  • The fact that he has been Atalean (see DragonFable Lore) before telling us something about the time he was missing in the AQWorlds lore.
  • Due to timeline differences and (where he is unaware of) his celestial origin exists in multiple timelines.
  • Has possibly the most confusing character backstory among the Angelic characters.
  • Hears a voice in his head from a being called Lorithia.
  • Can speak French.
  • Likes mysteries, riddles and other challenges.

Real life story

Hailing from the United States, Inanitas played the games DragonFable and AQWorlds for multiple years before he joined the Artix Entertainment team in 2014 as a voluntary Bug Hunter for AQWorlds.

In 2015 he joined the moderator team under lead of Sora to Hoshi on top of his Bug Hunter tasks, which he laid down the next year.

As a fervent lover of stories, Inanitas was hired by Alina in 2016 as a writer and promoted to AQWorlds and DragonFable writer. Together with Memet and Tomix, he now writes releases for both games.

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