Originally Hated had no name and was one of the shadows that Nulgath created out of the void.

Hated lives in the pitch black darkness of the caves all under Lore and does not need any light to see there, as he is shadow himself. People or miners going inside the caves usually fear to encounter him, and many... many did not survive it.

Dark Aura

When Nulgath was banished to the realm of Oversoul after the war with Dage the Evil, his power over his shadow and void minions became unstable. Hated was the very first shadow to develop his own will and intents and very quickly announced to cut the bonds with his creator.

Although still willing to support the Nation he does not recognize Nulgath as its leader anymore. But is an independend shadow.

Once more Nation members began to question the souvereignity of Nulgath because of his exile; Hated was one besides Sync and Tendou that intended to take over the lead and created Dark Aura. This is a guild and faction within the Nation.

The unlikely alliance

Gjappy mentions Hated in his lore in a more friendly way however. As both are being pursued by The Legion and Dage the Evil in the caverns, Hated and Gjappy actually team up to escape. They bring down a big part of Dage's specialised underground Undead Legion, with this locking off a big part of the caves under Lore from the Legion for another 50 years.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

Is referred to in the Pitch Black Dungeon house, which was suggested by him to Alina.

Fun Facts

  • Is actually pretty forgetful.
  • Does professional freestyle dancing in real life.
  • Is a gym and condition enthousiast, used to coach people.

Real life story

Hated actually plays AQWorlds since it's very beginning in 2008. And thus could be counted to be one of the founder players of AQWorlds.

Playing from Norway he has seen AQWorlds go trough all stages and phases and despite some events here and there he always strived to be a staff member one day.

Most people know Hated as one of the regulars in Yulgars Inn or as founder of the Dark Aura guild. Via Twitter and other social media he was also known to gently motivate and coach people on their gym efforts.

In 2017 he got one item in-game as stated above, only to be disabled some months later due to a payment issue between him and his brother.

Some time later he also picked up freestyle dancing under the alias Beta. With his group of friends he now performs under the name The Royals Crew.

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