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As Human

In the AQWorlds timeline, two years after King Alteon's first war with Sepulchure there lived a mage named Pyrillius. He was a Good Lightmage and specialized in summoning Celestials (angels). King Alteon had appointed him as royal healer to his court.

At that time Queen Lynaria got very ill, and King Alteon begged Pyrillius to do anything to save his beloved wife. Pyrillius was pretty uncertain about the cure, as for the infection that plagued Lynaria was one he hadn't seen before. He wandered around the palace yards and watched young paladins train with axes. One young paladin named Artix excelled in axe fighting, but during his last fight he hurt his opponent's arm. It was just a scratch but the other boy screamed in pain. "Oh don't scream as if you have been killed, you do not need an angel to heal you. Do not give up!" the young Artix said on the other boy. The words of Artix gave Pyrillius an idea..

After talking with the young paladin about what he knew about angels; and consulting Warlic the Archmage about the magical part, Pyrillius went to his mage castle and began his summoning experiments. They took a very, very long time and caused strange noises, lights and magical interference.

One year passed and Queen Lynaria's disease got worse. King Alteon was deeply grieved and summoned Pyrillius to his palace, but the guards that were to get him could not enter the castle and he did not answer their calls. So they returned to the king without him. He did not even appear to the funeral of the Queen later on, as he was that isolated.

Years passed and Pyrillius was still experimenting. The surrounding people were scared of getting near his castle, which was situated inbetween Mythsong and Arcangrove. To the south, in the territory of Darkovia, a small village of farmers lived. King Alteon, Artix and Warlic forgot about Pyrillius. Only the chronicles of the first war against Sepulchure still mentioned him as leader of the light magi and former royal healer. Nobody dared to come close to the castle, not only because of the sounds but also because it was so close to the ruins of Gilead. An ancient abandoned magic city, where elementals and ghosts were rumored to haunt..

The birth of Gjappy

At one day a new village elder emerged, the old ones all long since passed away. The new village elder was a stern man and did not tolerate any paranormal occurrences and prefer get to the bottom of them than leave them to disturb his villagers. He did not only send the shaman Umbra to Gilead to investigate, but he also wrote King Alteon about the noises from the castle that kept the villagers awake, and scared off travelers. King Alteon remembered Pyrillius and ordered to have him executed because of treason and neglect of his duty.

With the help of Swordhaven the village trained an assassin, named Zeeleeuw to kill Pyrillius. The training went well and after 6 months Zeeleeuw sneaked into the castle, trough the moat over the walls to assassinate Pyrillius.

At that very moment Pyrillius was just having success in his experiments. After long time trying and rewriting summoning spells he finally managed to summon an angel. He knew there were side effects, like the effect of family bonding and the effect of skin color change. But since he was alone in the castle (he thought) he did not bother about it.

With the effect Zeeleeuw couldn't kill Pyrilius because he thought him as his older brother. So he watched him performing the summoning spell, and after a heavenly strange sound and a blinding flash, Zeeleeuw was surprised to see that Pyrilius actually finally managed to summon an angel. After speaking in the language of the angels known as Enochian, which Zeeleeuw couldn't understand, it was clear that Pyrillius had to send the angel back. Since it seemed like Pyrillius had failed somehow, and the angel looked sternly upon him.

Pyrilius then reversed the magic circle and replaced some sigils to send the angel back home, but when he was casting the spell, Zeeleeuw came out of his hiding place, surprising Pyrillius causing him to move some of the sigils. Pyrillius made a mistake in the spell casting....

At first there was a huge force that drove everyone and everything to the walls (or through the walls, like Zeeleeuw). Pyrillius skin color changed from red to orange to white to purple to blue... as he levitated in a pulsating light. By then Zeeleeuw couldn't see him anymore and Pyrillius disappeared in the immense glow of a magical explosion.. Zeeleeuw tumbled backwards and fell in the castle moat.

What followed reduced the castle to smoldering magically stained ruins and made all the people in a radius of 25 kilometers, blind and deaf for 2 days. Lucky Zeeleeuw fell in the moat around the castle, so he survived it. As he arrived into the village he figured he'd better help everyone get back to their homes. From the ruins of the torn castle a new kind of being walked out on to the soil of Lore.

The spell caused the Angel and Pyrillius to be merged together in one body. They were one new person, or actually not a human, but both... a human-angel. The human-angel had a blue skin, angel wings. A lot of people wonder, why blue? It's a side effect of the failed magical experiment, like a wound can leave a scar. His human form does not allow him to go back to heaven until it dies, and because of the angelic spirit it gives him a lifespan of around 5000 years if not interrupted.

Life as Human Angel

After all the commotion, the newborn human-angel was already grown and looked like a boy of 18 -20 years old and stayed like that. He kindly healed all the people in the neighbourhood from their blindness and deafness. Grateful as they were, they build him a new castle on a mountain peak above the forest between Mythsong and Arcangrove. And gave him the name Gjappy. Zeeleeuw followed him and they accepted each other as brothers. However Zeeleeuw is evil, Gjappy is always angelic Good.

Zeeleeuw went his own way because he couldn't turn Good and became a feared assassin, studied at NecroU and became one of the few necro-assasins on Lore. For now, Gjappy is walking the world of Lore to help, heal, advise and defend the Good cause. Nobody knew of his origins, which angel he was what his age is nor the origin of his name. Some people on Lore only knew the story of Pyrillius.

If you meet Gjappy the first thing that will draw your attention are his eerie light-blue, glowing eyes. He often hides his face and head in a white cowl. Two white feathered wings are on his back. The clothes he wears for now are simple white acolyte or priest robes without any pretty details that priests usually add to their robes. The only jewelry he owns, he wears as amulet on his chest under his robes. The amulet contains 12 gemstones bound to 12 other gemstones that are owned by his friends and grant them the power to either summon, be summoned or contacted by Gjappy.

He'd later part of this amulet in the temple of the Dawn. His weapon is the Celestial Staff, which he can morph in any other kind of Celestial weapon. He has magical powers in any kind of magic you can imagine but usually excels in Light, Good and Order magic, which he mainly uses for defensive, helpful or healing purposes. He is always accompanied by his loyal moglin Phoebus which assist him everything.

Although he is immune for chaorruption and can actually cure it, nobody knows about this yet. It is also not his destiny to save Lore from Chaos and the chaorruption, he is aware of that thanks to his prophetic skills.

With his angel magic he is feared by the evil but he never attacks until they provoked him to. He has many of pets that he can summon and different friends where he can call on for help or company. His pets usually reside at his castle, guarded by his divine killer rabbit and Nubfox the doge.

He is not often home, but when he is people can usually find him studying lore, preparing medicines, potions or purification rituals. Being the greatest healer on Lore he can cure or find a solution for any disease, curse, illness or wound. However he is human as well, so he has some human like features such as tiredness, anger, sadness and hunger. And often displays a curious, thoughtful and playful attitude.

In his travels as human angel he makes a lot of friends but also experiences grieving losses; such as his angel-sister Lady Skuld, Jerryseth and Ieaz.

Ascension to Archangel of Hope

At the glorious but heavy battle around the City of the Dawn Gjappy appears to be one of the Archangels of Lore; the Archangel of Hope. He there joins the ranks of the Archangel Council and befriends Aranx, Conqueroftheworld, Relaxbleu, Astar and Inanitas.

Although getting the chance to return to the Celestial Realm, Gjappy chooses not to. But decides to travel as loremaster and be a beacon of hope.

When fleeing from the destruction of Battleon. Alina, Artix and Zazul let his friend Veto be killed by chaos monsters. Immensely disappointed and sad, Gjappy turns his back on them and flies away.

A mountaineer, a paladin and a young angel find him again on a high mountain near the coast. Bitter and disappointed Gjappy refuses to aid Lore, but the platinum paladin makes him change his mind pointing out the greater goal. Gjappy seeks out his old friend Tomcat which tells him of other dimensions and worlds. In an adventure inside a mountain, Gjappy meets the void fiend Hated and gets reunited with his friend Veto which finally can show his true form. After this Gjappy joins his friend; traveling worlds and dimensions and occasionally checking back on Lore.

Later on Gjappy returns to lore to save one of the last beast warriors alive, which appears to be Lyean Darkblade. The unlikely friendship because of their faction and opinion differences does blossom. Gjappy eventually provides Lyean a temporarily housing in the Temple of the Dawn and later in his cloud castle, before Lyean would wander off again on his quest.

At an full moon night, Gjappy hears an undestined calling trough multiple dimensions which leads him to the Darkovia forests. From there he eventually returns with a moglin-like werewolf cub which trough his visions is going to be a legendary werewolf shaman. Soon it is to be found out there is still a long way to go before this prophecy is going to be fulfilled. The little werewolf decides to follow Gjappy on his adventures as replacement for Phoebus.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

In the public AQWorlds lore Gjappy has appeared multiple times. First in 2013 the Human Angel featured a birthday shop selling a staff and a sword made by his friends. In 2015 his NPC appeared in HeroLobby as Celestial Loremaster; featuring the lores of the heroes that would compete in the royal colliseum.

In 2016 his NPC appeared again; this time in ascended form in a now rare map called Gparty, celebrating his birthday and announcing his departure and selling more birthday gear.

He does not appear in any other AE games lore-wise.

AQ3D Lore

In the Lore of AQ3D Gjappy is mentioned as being one of the Kickstarter heroes. As well is his old personal item the Acolyte of Hope released as rare promotional item later on as he had wished. This being a nod to him always donning acolyte armor in AQWorlds and being the avatar of Hope.

Fun Facts

  • Gjappy's character wears a cowl because he wants people to rather remember his actions than his face.
  • Phoebus his moglin is still lost and never got retrieved.
  • Rumors are that Gjappy is the guardian angel of Artix Krieger.
  • Still has an old personal he promised to release to players.
  • Promised the community that the items he released as rare will stay rare.
  • Due to his work and actions in the community; he has funny lore paralels with players and staff
    • Rumors were that Hated and him had a relationship, but these were false.
    • There are a few player characters that roleplay animals that live at his house; such as a duck, a goat, a crab, an ostrich and a few doges.
  • He shares his love for doges with Crulon.

Real Life AE Lore

Gjappy started playing AE games in 2007 as an player of AQ classic. He enjoyed the game so much he bought a lifetime X-guardianship for it and dedicated 2 hours a day on the game.

In 2009 he accidentally clicked an advertisement for AQWorlds, and discovered the game was made by the same company that made AQ classic. He made his account named Gjappy by combining three names. And bought membership after a month of playing just for the Acolyte class, which he adored more than the brown healer robes.

He made quick friends and in 2010 he created his Facebook named Gjappy and engaged in to the AE Facebook community. Where due to actions of his friends and the engaging AE staff came in contact with Cysero and Zazul.

The next year in 2011 he started helping players on Facebook via his account by commenting on their questions they asked on the AE Facebook pages. He also helped players understand their account issues and how to contact Player Support. Plus he made a list of all real AE social media accounts to prevent fakers from scamming people. That year also an handicapped AQWorlds player gave him access to the Facebook page of his favourite AE moglin. Together with the player he continued to help people from both pages. And he's still thankful to this person.

Time as AE staff.

In 2012 Artix Krieger noticed Gjappy's activities on Facebook, and let his assistant Kiara make an appointment with him for a skype call. During the skype call, Artix hired Gjappy for the new blog at After a few months he quickly made new friends, like Xellos and Asuka. Alina and Zazul noticed his qualities in testing and networking and begin 2013 he attained the positions of AQWorlds Bug Tester and lead tester of the old AQ3D. Which sadly got canceled again before the summer holidays of that year.

In 2013 he visited Artix Entertainment in real life with Aqua and Roroth and attended to DragonCon, cosplaying his own character. Later in 2013 he was appointed AQW colead bug tester together with Trog.

During the period of 2014 - 2015 he interacted more with the AQWorlds community, updating them on bug fixes. But he also got to host and judge contests, tested BattleGems and AQDragons, founded the Web QA and Class Testing teams, worked on inside AE documentation and did miscanellous art for AQWorlds. Which included personals and Loropedia art.

End 2015 AQ3D got restarted. Gjappy laid down his tasks as AQWorlds lead bug tester in favor of Cemaros, along with some other tasks; and took up the position as AQ3D lead tester again. In real life Gjappy was having health issues at that time and struggled to keep up to date with all his tasks.

Begin 2016 he accepted PlatinumLady as his AQ3D colead tester; and due to intern policy changed Oishii joined as third AQ3D testing lead later that year. Due to the departure of Beleen, Gjappy as wel got to host AQ3D and AQWorlds contests together with his friend Aqua.

Around his birthday in 2016 Gjappy realised he actually spent too much time on his voluntary work, and had delayed his college degree for that by 2 years and thus decided to step down from this Artix Entertainment duties in favor of his real life future.

Despite this decision he still remains active in the community when he finds time for it.

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