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Galanoth is the greatest Dragonslayer in all of Lore, and is the founder and current leader of the Order of Dragonslayers. At a young age, Galanoth's parents were killed in the destruction of his home village by the dragon Akriloth. Since then, he has dedicated his life to training in the art of dragon slaying, fueled by his desire to exact revenge on the beast who ripped his family away.

He dedicates his time to waging war against various dragons around the land and teaching adventurers the way of the Dragonslayer.

As his amount of followers increased he thus founded the DragonSlayer order.

AE Lore

AdventureQuest Worlds Lore

In AdventureQuest Worlds, Galanoth serves as the head Dragonslayer in the land, battling dragons and passing on his skills to willing adventurers. He is found in /join lair, where he allows players to take on the rite of passage towards being a Dragonslayer, as well as helping him slay the Red Dragon that resides there.

Galanoth later assists the player in the battle against the dragon, Desoloth and his army. The prophecy of Desoloth says that, to gain his true power, he will kill the most powerful of Dragonslayers- it is then when Warlic and the Hero realize Galanoth has disappeared, impulsively deciding to take on Desoloth himself. During his one-on-one battle against Desoloth, the dragon bites off his right arm, but he is later healed by Warlic before he can bleed out. He gains a prosthetic arm that can transform into a knife, and returns to his post in the Lair once the war had been won.

AdventureQuest Classic Lore

In AdventureQuest Classic, Galanoth serves a similar role to the one he plays in AdventureQuest Worlds. He is the founder and head of the Order of the Dragonslayers. In this continuity, Galanoth has a very apparent disdain for the dracomancers due to his believing that they serve all dragons, good and evil alike. However as time goes by, his disapproval has faded somewhat, to the point of willingly assisting a friendly dragon by the name of Draschemus defeat Jaraka-Nuth in order to bring upon a new era of civilised dragons. He also ends up going on a blind date with Cyrus's dravir sister, and although he's not interested in her at all, they become friends- she is the first person to see Galanoth without his helmet.

He also assists Cyrus and the player character in defeating the almighty demipower War. Once War is defeated, Galanoth and Cyrus begin to discuss a potential permanent alliance between each other, and to open Medrovia to all.

Galanoth was possessed at one point by the Dragon King, and Cyrus and his Dracomancers were enlisted to help defeat him.

DragonFable Lore

In DragonFable, Galanoth's personality has softened somewhat compared to his other appearances. He seems overall more jovial, however, he shares his view towards dragons with his other continuities. However, he does seem to be more open to the possibility of good dragons in his initial conversation in Dragesvard. He has taken up residence in Dragesvard, a city in Northern Lore built upon a glacier, to help them with their dragon problem stemming from Queen Aisha. Galanoth is a reappearing NPC who assists the player along many quests, including but not limited to; defeating Queen Aisha's army as it invades Dragesvard, sending the player to slay ice dragons, and finding the material Dragonbane. He was in charge of protecting the elemental Ice Orb, and kept it in his fridge right next to his ice cream. He also appeared during the Fire War against Akriloth and Xan alongside his adoptive brother Demento, who was later killed by Drakonnan.

*Spoilers begin here*

At some point in time, Galanoth slayed the Eternal Dragon of Time, merging together the AdventureQuest, DragonFable and MechQuest universes together into what is now the AdventureQuest Worlds universe.

AdventureQuest 3D Lore

In AdventureQuest 3D, Galanoth appears to have a much more brazen, single-minded approach to his issues. He waged a war in Ashfall against Dragonlord Talyn in search of the Great Fire Dragon Akriloth who killed his parents. It appears he is willing to do whatever it takes to get his revenge, and will not stop at anything until he has achieved such. This includes denying support to the Battleon Defenders when they requested help in defending Battleon from Talyn's invasion so as to focus his attack on Ashfall. When Talyn finally woke (and got killed by) Akriloth from his deep slumber he insisted that he fight the dragon alone, but Kord tried to stop him and keep him busy while the Hero fought Akriloth. Galanoth eventually breaks free from Kord and throws a lance into the dragon's mouth and slashes it with his sword, but not before he is swatted away. When Akriloth charges a fiery breath attack at the Hero and Kord, Galanoth recovers and rushes in front of them to block the attack with his sword and redirect it to Akriloth, before getting gravely injured by the dragon. When the Hero finally defeats the wounded Akriloth, he apologizes to Kord before succumbing to his wounds and dying, Kord then takes up the mantle of Galanoth to lead the Dragonslayer Order.

He has a very loyal following known as the Order of the Dragonslayers, however, it is made apparent that he did not recruit them of his own volition. Rather, they followed him due to his fierce drive and strength of character.


  • In the Mirror Universe, Galanoth's counterpart is stated to be an evil dragon, although he is not seen.
  • Galanoth's cape is actually a blanket enchanted to be fire-proof by his mother, an enchantress, before her death.
  • He values Dragonsbane above gold.
  • Galanoth does not believe in good dragons (or so he says).
  • Galanoth is reluctant to slaughter dragons that cannot protect themselves, and refused to crush the Red Dragon's clutch of eggs. He despises Duncan's brutality and willingness to do just that.
  • Galanoth is a rival of Axemaster Zhilo.
  • He has never been seen without his helmet outside of AdventureQuest, where both a non-scarred and scarred version of him appeared. When he lost his helmet in Dragonfable's Aisha storyline, he insisted on wearing a paper bag over his head to hide his face.
  • In Dragonfable, his mistook the Hero's pet baby dragon for a 'really ugly dog'.
  • He used to write recipes for the Zardian, being an avid cook. Most notable is his recipe for 'Spaghetti and Dragon Balls'.

Real life story

Galanoth first met Artix in college and is one of the founders of Artix Entertainment together with Artix Krieger and Warlic.

Currently he is company representative of Artix Entertainment and works from the Secret Underground Lab.