Drakath Slugwrath is a reccuring character in AdventureQuest Worlds. He is the main antagonist of the Chaos Saga and becomes the ally of The Hero in the war against the Queen of Monsters.


Drakath was originally a prince; the son of the evil king Slugwrath who wanted to rule over Lore from his reign in Swordhaven. One day, a big revolt took part in the city, and the evil king was defeated by the deceased King Alteon. Just before being slain, he handed Drakath the Chaos Amulet. Drakath was soon exiled from Swordhaven after Slugwrath's defeat.

Drakath then joined the Darkwolf Bandits in an attempt to assassinate King Alteon, but failed, Sometime after, he ended up falling love with Robina after dueling her to a standstill when she tried to defeat the Darkwolves. Not much later, he joined Sepulchure and soon became his general. He collected all 8 elemental orbs as Sepulchure told him and brought them to him. When Sepulchure started summoning the Ultimate Orb, Drakath backstabbed him and took the power for himself, transforming himself into a dragon. But he was still defeated by the Good heroes.

Before he died, his Chaos Amulet started glowing and Queen of Monsters gave him God-Like powers in exchange for setting her free.

And thus he became the Champion of Chaos, with the task of opening the Chaos Gate to bring Queen of Monsters back in our world.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

In AQWorlds, Drakath servers as the main antagonist of the game (until the Queen of Monster's saga). During the war between Sepulchure and King Alteon, Drakath storms into King Alteon's castle, kills sepulchure in one blow and chaorrupts King Alteon, who will become the 12th Chaos Lord.

Drakath's goal is to open the Chaos Gate and free the Queen of Monsters. To do so, he must create 13 Lords of Chaos, who then have to summon their Chaos Beast. Each Chaos Beast summoned activates a rune. Once all 13 runes are activated and all 13 Chaos Lords are dead, the Chaos Gate will open. (insert 13 lords of chaos hyperlink)

After naming the 13th Lord of Chaos, he unleashes a war over all lore under the command of the former. However, after summoning the 13th Chaos Beast, the Chaos Lord betrays Drakath in an attempt to take over. Drakath then reveals the true identity and purpose of the 13th Chaos Lord, taking him down in a way similar to what he did to Sepulchure. Before he kills the Chaos Lord, he decides to tell his story, and how he became the Champion of Chaos.

Other AE game Lore

In Dragonfable, he is seen at the start of the game trying to rob Lady Celestia of a Dragon Box, only for the Hero to defeat him and send him fleeing. He is then seen multiple times later on in the game trying to steal the Elemental Orbs and kill the Hero but failing. Drakath ends up recovering one of the Dragon Boxes, but the dragon that hatched from it was one that was to save lore, instead of the one to destroy it. Sepulchure then turns the dragon into a Dracolich with his necrotic magic and names it Fluffy. After Sepulchure obtains Elemental Orbs with the help of his spies and was about to create the Ultimate Orb, Drakath stabs him with his own sword and uses the Ultimate Orb for himself and fuses with Fluffy. The Hero and Sepulchure team up to defeat Drakath and eventually Drakath is killed. His corpse is then possessed by the Mysterious Stranger.


  • Drakath as a fightable enemy was first time introduced in November 2013 in the map "intochaos". He had about 300k HP, a very powerfull shield and a heal blocking effect. He also had a 1 shot nuke which would kill whole team and was unavoidable in almost every way. He was confirmed to be unbeatable.
    • Maxijack along with some other people were the first to kill the "unbeatable" Drakath and record that. Soon after that, Drakath's hp was increased to 5 million. You can watch the battle here:
    • Durning Blood Moon event, a glitch happened resulting in some monsters losing some special abilities. Drakath lost his 1 shot nuke, which made the fight much easier. Attempting to kill Drakath will result him in instantly resetting his HP to full as soon as it drops below 0, which will not count as a kill.

Real life story

The twitter account of Drakath is made by the Artix Entertaiment in-house staff to make sure nobody would steal the name and pretend to be Drakath. Previously on the Chaos Finale in 2015 the account made the most tweets.

The in-game character or account of Drakath in AQWorlds was played or accessed by in-house AE staff as well. And went around in game harassing players and staff members by insta-killing them or cursing them with the special abilities his Drakath-class has.

On behalf of Artix Entertainment LCC I am asked to keep the identity of the persons that were using this account secret ~ Gjappy.

The Drakath character has special items which will never be and never have been released. Even for staff members there items are off-limits to obtain.

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