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Dage The Evil, also known as Dage The Dark Lord by his followers, is the offical archrival and former apprentice of Nulgath The Archfiend. After breaking free from his master, Dage has grown in power from collecting souls, turning people undead and recruiting them into the Undead Legion. Do not be fooled about Dage, as he strikes fear into every living and un-living being in all of Lore.

His origin story is told in the AQWorlds lore, the timestream where he origins from. His story is not entirely told there, but he has considerably the most Lore in AQWorlds than most other characters.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

Dage the Evil was once a king, and a power-mad Necromancer who signed Nulgath's contract and rode the fast lane to even more strength. Eventually the time came for Dage the Evil (like all others before him) to pay for the contract that Nulgath gave him. Dage used his knowledge to bind part of his soul to an armor of his construct. The remnant lives on in that armor and still remembers it's past life.

Founding of the Undead Legion

At some point, Dage the Evil faced off against the lich Vilkas Blightbringer when they were searching for the Book of Dark Doors in Ravenscar. Attracted to Rand's rage at the attack caused by Blightbringer's undead army, Dage the Evil offered him a deal to get rid of Blightbringer. When Rand defeats Shadowman and gains access to Blightbringer's lair, he manages to slay Blightbringer and gain the green ball of energy that came from Blightbringer. Not wanting Rand to be his latest competitor, Dage the Evil turns Rand into an undead while absorbing Rand's soul into his body. In addition, Dage the Evil has made Rand the first soldier of his Undead Legion.

Dage the Evil came under service to Sepulchure, lord of the Shadowscythe, but when Sepulchure was killed by Drakath, Dage's loyalty turned to Empress Gravelyn.

Dage Versus Nulgath War

Dage the Evil later goes to war against Nulgath. Dage is served by his general Rogath, his mad scientist Laken, the Blade Master, and Undead Legend. Dage's army consists of Skeletal Warriors, Skull Warriors, Undead Infantries, Undead Bruisers, and Legion Fenrirs. Dage the Evil managed to secure the Oblivion Gate and trap Nulgath in the peaceful part of the Underworld. Nulgath claims that Dage the Evil unknowingly left him a gift as he begins his next plot.

Laken's Betrayal

Dage the Evil learns from his servant Envy that the heroes have arrived at the Order of the Seraphic Paladins. During this time, the Undead Legion had infiltrated the Order of Seraphic Paladins due to Adventus' dealings with Dage the Evil. When the hero defeats Adventus, he escapes out the window only to be confronted by Laken who disposes of Adventus and infiltrates the Order of the Seraphic Paladins on Dage the Evil's behalf while claiming to have defected. Dage the Evil is shown to have ownership of the Forgotten Tomb as the players are sent to steal the Dark Shard that contains Dage the Evil's soul fragment which are watched over by his minions Brutus and Vincenzo. Envy later stole the Dark Shard and captured Darkon.

When the hero is also captured after fighting her, Envy plans to overthrow Dage the Evil and take over the Undead Legion. When Ada knocks out Envy and frees the hero and Darkon, Envy assumes the form of the Queen of Envy, but she is defeated. The Hero and Ada claim the Dark Shroud following Darkon getting badly wounded. J6 shoots the chains that ties the Queen of Fury to Dage the Evil and orders the hero and Ava to flee as he has Darkon initiate Protocol 6 which destroys the Queen of Envy's lair.

War With Future Dage

Not long after, Laken again appears in the Underworld, but this time, fully in Legion gear. Both Dage and hero are confused as its to how did Laken appear out of nowhere, still in his battle suit. Soon after, it is revealed that this is Laken from the future, claiming that Future Dage has taken over all of Lore, and destroyed everything, and if they don't stop him, he will travel to the past to conquer lore again. Dage the Evil decides to listen to Laken, and soon goes trough the portal only to see the Lore ravaged by his future self. As they progress trough the ruins Laken mentions Dage's new second in command. Laken named the new second in command as "Samurai Paragon" altho the real indentity is not yet known.

Dage, Laken and hero sabotage the plans of Future Dage, and are confronted by the Samurai Paragon. Shortly after, the portal is opened and Undead Legion joins in the fray, to fight its future counterpart. After a long battle Undead Legion was victorious and Dage the Evil locked his future self in the Caladbolg 3017 Sword, the blade used by Future Dage. As Dage the Evil makes return to his own timeline he finally starts to understand some of his deeds and ultimately decides that he doesn't want to conquer lore, but to rule the dead.

AQ3D Lore

In the lore of AQ3D, Dage the Evil is only reffered to. Although his Undead Legion does (still) exist in this timeline, he himself does not seem to be present for some reason. The Legion in AQ3D is represented by Vost and a Legion Apostle, engaging the Hero in various challenges in the underworld for loot.

Epic Duel Lore

Despite that 'The Legion' on Delta V is not the same as the Undead Legion of Dage the Evil, he does make an appearance in this timeline. Apparently at some point he has been messing with timetravel and teleported himself on Delta V without any of his minions or Legion followers. You can find him in the Wasteland.

Hero Smash Lore

His messing with time travel also send Dage once to the most distant future being Hero Smash. His appearance there has become rare after he returned paying a time-taxi with legion tokens.


  • Dage is working on AQ3D at the moment, but occasionally makes art for AQW.
  • Dage is also color blind. (His eyes see colors differently, or he lacks the sight of some colors) Regardless of his disability, Dage still manages to create popular gear.
  • Dage became an artist for AE after he showed the AE team his art concepts and suggestions on the early forum pages, where he was still known as Dage666.
  • In Artix's and Trini's wedding, he plays the knight who challenges the groom to a duel.

Real life story

Originally Dage the Evil, then named (Dage666) started playing AQWorlds long ago with his friends. Picking up Flash Art out of his own he began to frequently post suggestions on the AQWorlds Suggestion Forum around 2010.

Artix Krieger noticed him as well did Cysero. And allowed him to make certain art for the game. His first ever armor creation being that of Dark Caster, which he also gifted to his in-game fried BJCity. His rising fame did come too fast and led to an public outcall in 2011, but he showed to be professional and apologised to the community.

The same year, when he finished his art degrees, he was hired as AQWorlds artist. He moved over to Florida where the Artix Entertainment lab was situated. Here he got to work with the AQWorlds developers in real life before Cysero would move over to the secret new project, and left Alina in charge of AQWorlds.

There his star was rising swiftly and due to his popularity by the community as person and artist he started his own faction; The Undead Legion. Which waged a war against Nulgath's minions as an explain to the community why Nulgath would soon leave the pool of AQWorlds artists to start on Oversoul.

During his time at the Secret Underground Lab, Dage met Faith the personal assistant of Artix Krieger (besides Kiara and later SorciaKat) and the caretaker of Daimyo. The two began a relationship and still have.

In times of need Artix Krieger could depend heavily on Dage's art and support. Plus the fact that all his skill is self-thaught inspired not only AE's CEO but also other artists to compare with him. Dage swiflty became 'the man' at Artix Entertainment for all his efforts.

Despite all the praise Dage still remains human in real life and when he also was called to support the project of AQ3D; he had to choose between AQWorlds and AQ3D. In favor of the companies future he chose to leave the AQWorlds team and join the AQ3D team as 3D artist. A skill he had picked up in the mean time.