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left sock




travels by telephone booth

AE Lore

AdventureQuest Lore

Appearently in the AQ Lore Cysero has been away from some time. His first appearance is in Battleon though, as he returns at Yulgar's Inn.

Cysero Returns

Cysero gets introduced in the AQ lore by Yulgar, whom recommends him as an alternative blacksmith. But for his services Cysero has some odd and hard requests for the hero to fulfill. Including a search for socks. If you do it right, Warlic will introduce you to the Sock of Doom. A green glowing and floating sock. And a rubber ducky, the only one in existence. And not to mention the quest for the brainfish, which name is Ted. Eventually he will cure a cold and provide an entire Ubear set for your character.

Lorean Kites

During Aelthai's quest about kflying kites Cysero appears to sell kites in a booth. He has kites in various forms and traits. Falerin, Lyra and Cysero join afterwards to fly them on the plains. But the kite is superpowered with some adventurous side effects. When everything is back down on the floor Cysero feels bad for the trouble and learns you a kite spell.

DragonFable Lore

In this time Cysero settled in FalconReach and owns his own shop in there. Selling various things from equipment to housing items and even pets. He calls his shop "Cysero's Superstore of Savings. He keeps reassuring you he is the same person at every room you enter and sells most of hi stuff for DragonCoins. In one of the rooms you will encounter Cysero's Orb, which is his assistant.

Cysero's Quests

When you meet Cysero in Falconreach he has the following quests, without spoiling too much this is the lore of them.

"Cluck Cluck MOO" quest.

Cysero wants breakfast and summons the Hero and his dragon to fight a titan boss to provide his favorite breakfast.

"Choose your own Adventure" quest

Cysero invites the Hero to go on an adventure together. Featuring many choices for the Hero with different outcomes. You can also deny this quest which will result in Cysero continuing on his experiments...

"Back to the past" quest

This requires completion of the previous quest, as it is an sequel. Cysero and Lim are working on a project together. Cysero is very excited to do science and produces something that creates a hole in the timeline. Which has bad results for the Hero and angers the timelords. They also have to gather resources to get back.

"Critical Failure" quest

This requires completion of the previous quest, as it is an sequel. Cysero creates a live board game in the basement of his tower featuring all the townspeople that joined; like Alina, Artix, Lim, Reens, Rolith and Serenity. The hero has to roll the dice and save them from their positions, because as usual it gets a bit out of control.

"The Weaponsmith's Apprentice" quest

Cysero takes the Hero as his apprentice. After he leaves the shop is free to explore. In one of the rooms you will find a replay of the 'Cysero Rebellion' event of 2006, which is now rare. It features Rimblade, Lord Asparagus, Nikemorya and Maestro911.


Falconreach Idle

We now return to your show

Titans of Battleon.

Cysero appears with his phonebooth from the future in Falconreach with Artix and Zhoom. The hero will accompany them on a timetravel mission to save Battleon from a being named 'Exodus' in the future.

Guardian Training

When you 're doing the questline to train to become Guardian you will eventually visit Cysero and he will teach you how to use your guardian armor well. He likes shiny armor.


During the Amityvale invasion Cysero appears to be one of the defenders of the town. He happens to know the invasion came from the direction of Doomwood. But he's not eager to go there himself because he has some experiments running.

Chickencow Storyline

While on a quest for Zeuster you will suprisingly find Cysero in the garden of good and ebil, where Chickencow eggs seem to grow from a strange tree. While Cysero desires them for breakfast, at least one is needed to bring back to Zeuster.

Cysero just loves bacon, but when the chickencow hatches later on he also seem to find him tasty looking.

The Fire War Story

When the fire war approaches Yulgar leaves town and Cysero offers one of his orbs to run the shop for Yulgar.

Later on he calls for his friends to battle the fire monsters in the east. Cysero and the Hero go there. They find Battleon burning. Cysero pops in as soon as the Hero mentions him to Yulgar, and immediately summons Warlic right after without even asking him. The two mages decide to fight the fire of Drakonnan with ice.

Aria's Story

(See Aria's Pet Shop Book 3)

Lim's Story

(See Lim's Weaponshop books 1 and 2)

Castle Valtrith (halloween??)

(See Castle Valtrith)

Nythera's Story

This is a part of Nythera's story in DragonFable. An explosion happens in town as the Hero visits Cysero. Since it's not one of Cysero's explosions as he was licensed to make when he moved in with Warlic, they decide to check on what happened with Warlic.

Later on at Warlic's funeral Cysero remarks that he wants Warlic to know that rent is due. Indirectly inclining that he somehow feels that Warlic is not truly dead.

At Crossroads you find Cysero standing besides Warlic's destroyed tent, claiming he found it like this.

Frostvale Events

Chilly and the Hero inquire at Cysero who or what turned their friends to coal, and what can be done to undo it. After some silly confusion the deal is made that if the Hero does Cysero's chores, he will try to find out what happened to the moglins that were turnt to coal. Noxus appeared to be involved in this incident.

Later on Cysero suprisingly appears again to save Frostval with the help of the Hero.

(Frostvale Storybook Chapter 9 -10)

Lucky Day Events

On lucky day (St. Patricks day) sneevils have invaded Falconreach wearing 'odd' hats. Cysero gets called in to explain it, but when things get confusing he just makes the hat disappear into a random portal without having a clue where it goes. (appears to be Mech Quest)

Also see Lucky Day events

Thanksgiving events

On thanksgiving 2014, Cysero bakes a lot of ham in preparations of the upcoming explosions he's expecting to happen. But Dr. Voltabolt has been captured and these don't happen...

On thanksgiving 2012, Cysero brings a real life sized boat full of gravy.

On thanksgiving 2011, Cysero saves the day by turning everyone to normal size after Dr. Voltabolt shrunk everyone. Except for the turdraken meal, which was extra large that day.

On the thanksgiving event of 2010 Oishii wants to cook a dinner for whole Falconreach. Cysero contributes to the event with Grape Jelly Reuben sandwiches! with Peanutbutter Sparkle topping.

Friday the 13th Events

In the 2011 event on Friday the 13th Darkness invades lore. Cysero does have the answer to the problem according to When The Super Ultra Mega Darkness Dracolic eats the sun, Cysero thinks it's just an eclipse. But Lim and Warlic care to differ.

In order to stop the Mysterious Stranger all 9 elemental orbs need to be collected. Cysero mentions he stored one in the Falconreach Tower, being the elemental orb of bacon. They plan to use Cysero's Time Booth to collect the other 8 orbs. Doctor When appears to want the time booth back however.

On their travels to collect the orbs they meet the dragon of bacon, a creature to Cysero's liking. It threatens to eat Cysero..

Then, together with Warlic and the orbs they take on the Super Ultra Mega Darkness Dracolich. Cysero doesn't think it will work though.

Special Events


(Dragonlords Birthday!)

AQWorlds Lore

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AQ3D Lore

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MechQuest Lore

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Fun Facts

  • Has baking as a hobby, bakes in real life too.
  • Did study magic together with Warlic.
  • Has a pet penguin named "Linus" which is a refference to the PC operating system Linux.
  • Is known for trolling players and staff.
  • Once turned the Guardia Tower into a fish.
  • Only known AE staff member able to correct his boss Artix Krieger.
  • Is more popular than Artix Krieger if it weren't for Artix doing AE's public relations himself.
  • Populair Cysero quotes:
    • "No, you can't be a mod!"
    • "When it's ready o' clock!"

Real life story

From what is publically known Cysero joined Artix Entertainment somewhere around 2003.

Before being a teacher as job he applied to Artix Entertainment as artist and had to draw a knight as 'test' assignment. Which he succeeded in and got hired.

Cysero has been working on DragonFable as artist, AQWorlds as game-lead and now his current project is AQ3D lead writing.

In 2010 he married with Nursey in real life and is known to have 3 children, from which 2 of them also play AE games.