About the origin of Crulon isn't known a lot.

As far as the Lore scrolls mention his name he's a known figure in the Sandsea kindgom and a guardian of the Djinn realm.

He does does younger than he appears for an guardian, but loremasters for now assume that is because his status and training as guardian of the Djinn realm has been passed down to him over generations.

The Guardians of the Djinn realm in Sandsea aren't all known by name. In fact Crulon is the only known one.

What we know about Crulon further is that he has been wandering the Sandsea deserts before and has been a winning carpet racer.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

The AQWorlds lore is the only lore Crulon so far does make an appearance in.

In the Sandsea area, he asks on the help of the Hero to defeat an ancient and evil Djinn that is now threatening the world with The Queen of Monsters rising.

With his help the Hero is going to summon the ancient Djinn Guardian Zular to defeat the monster Gedoz. For that he does need to recover the ancient weapons of the guardians.

Later on you will meet him again where he is willing to share some of the Djinn treasures with you if you help him to break the seals on them.

Fun Facts

  • Loves animals.
  • Has done several collaborations with Gjappy.
  • Occasionally does commissions.
  • Does also do art work in real life.
  • Plays guitar.

Real life story

Originally the older parts of the community know Crulon under his alias Reda or Med_reda_dsm. Whisch was his previous username.

He has been making artwork way before he even got noticed by Artix Entertainment. Before he did compete with many others in the art contests of Artix Entertainment and even won several of them for his amazing artworks. Some staff members even commissioned him afterward.

This did come to the attention of Alina and Memet who were at the time watching the community in search of talent. Seeing him winning so many art contests and posting incredible art they approached him to work for Artix Entertainment as artist for AQWorlds.

As he lives in the country of Maroc, he was not able to visit the AE lab himself but the contacts were regular. From being a volunteer for a couple of years he was being uplifted to a contracted/paid artist in 2017, still for AQWorlds and got his own birthday event in game. On January 1, which is his birthday!

Currently Crulon still works for Artix Entertainment and has been working on various projects both in game and for his studies in real life. Last summer he made a tour around Europe visiting several of his online friends and other people.

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