Originally born under the name Espirital in the second line of angels of the Celestial Realm, he made his name Conqueroftheworld by defeating chaos the first time in history.

When the Archangel of Valor went missing after the first encounter with the Queen of Monsters; Conqueroftheworld replaced the lost Archangel as new Archangel of Vigor.

Being a powerful Archangel indeed Conqueroftheworld leads the armies of the Celestial Realm to defend their properties in all dimensions and worlds.

For centuries Conqueroftheworld commanded the holy host from out of the Celestial Realm.

When the Chaos war started and the City of the Dawn (as last bastion of the angels on Lore) was attacked by Chaos, Conqueroftheworld led the angelic armies down from heaven and charged into the invading armies.

Together with the other Archangels he rained down the stars from the sky on the attackers. Which resulted in the City of the Dawn and angels being victorious.

After hearing about the events happening on Lore from Gjappy, he and the Archangel of Balance decided to stay on lore and try to reclaim order.

In the aftermath of the war Conqueroftheworld stayed in the City of the Dawn and is mustering an army of Good, slowly reclaiming lands around the city for the Good cause.

AE Lore

Conqueroftheworld is not featured in any AE games yet.

Fun Facts

  • Unlike most angels, he likes black and gold.
  • Is a huge lover of cookies.
  • Is not very known, and doesn't try to be.
  • Likes fun times, usually still in-game with friends.

Real life story

As Danish player Conqueroftheworld started playing AE games very early and has seen AQWorlds beta as non-member.

In 2014 he got hired for Artix Entertainment's Web QA and has been doing that task till the team got dissolved in 2016. After this he shortly worked for DragonFable as tester. Leaving Artix Entertainment after that year by lack of a task and motivation.

Web QA was the only thing Conqueroftheworld could find time for. He still plays the games and earns all his items and badges manually, rarely having used his staff powers when he could have.

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