Founding and Purpose

The Web QA team was founded in 2013 by Gjappy.

Previously he had been testing the browser compatibility with Flash and AQWorlds fps together with Rarest as a private project. As well as testing the websites on performance and bugs.

Alina was pleased with the results of this. As two people were too little to maintain this testing Gjappy was asked to form a team of testers that would weekly check the AE websites on performance and bugs from different devices and browsers.

And so the Web QA team was found.

Purpose and tasks

The Web QA team was assembled of testers that all had different devices, different running systems, different browsers and different versions of Flash.

This was they could test game performance and the AE websites on all ways possible.

The devices tested on were: PC, Tablet, Phone, Mac, Chromebook, Laptop.

The running systems tested on were: Windows 98, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7 (both versions), Windows 8 (all versions), Linux, Windows 10 (later on) and of course device related running systems.

The browsers that the team tested were: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Maxton, and Puffin Browser.

Notable events and achievements.


For AQWorlds in 2015 all Web QA members got an 'Web QA Superstar' misc item in their inventory as token for their work for the Web QA team.

Fun Facts

  • The team found out that the best browser to play Flash games on is Opera.
  • The team also found out that Windows 2000 gave huge issues with Flash based games.
  • Not suprisingly Internet Explorer appeared to be the worst browser to play on.
  • At the time, Puffin browser was the only browser that allowed one to play from Phone or Tablet.

Further History

Later in 2014 Gjappy had to pick up other tasks for AE and was forced to drop the lead position of the Web QA team. He first made them all official AE volunteers before handing over the lead position to Rysox.

After a year Rysox had too many tasks as well and handed over the lead to Taini Flaremist whom led the team till Bido joined her as co-lead of the team till begin 2016. In the first three months of 2016 Artix Entertainment began to re-organize their volunteers and it was decided to disband the Web QA team because Flash was going to be discontinued and browsers would be stopping to support it as well.

Some of the Web QA team members were distributed to other teams, others were assigned to checking a specific website or game still. And other just dropped out and left.

The previous members of the team you can find below:

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