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Brus of House Lowrie, the oldest child of Anasia and Vincenzos was once a noble, protecting Darkovia and the mysterious Font of Caligor that gives this family powers beyond imagining. While there is not much known about House Lowrie, there are many recordings of Brus who today is known as Ragnor the Cruel, Dage the Evil's strongest Champion.


The Font of Caligor is the source of a family's strength, a crack in primal stones from which vapors of prophetic power have issued for generations. Each newborn of the cavernous House Lowrie is bathed in the black mist, and by this baptism they are given an innate connection to the mystic energies of the land. They grow up believing themselves fierce protectors of their lineal traditions, the customs of the realm—but what they really are protecting is the Font itself. And the motives of the mist are unclear.

When the infant Brus was bathed in the Font, they say something went awry. In the child's eyes there flared a light of comprehension that startled all present and set the family elders to whispering. He was raised with every expectation of following the path all scions of Lowrie took—to train in war, that in times of need he might lead the family's army in defense of the ancestral lands. But Brus was always one apart. Where others trained with weapons, he bent himself to meditation in the presence of the mist. He drank deep from the vapors that welled from the Font, learning to blend his spirit with the potency that flowed from far beneath the House; he became a creature of the black mist.

There was bitterness within the House Lowrie—elders and young alike accusing him of neglecting his responsibilities. But all such accusations stopped when Brus rode into battle, and they saw how the powers of the mist had given him mastery over life and death beyond those of any lord the House had ever known.

Now, the House Lowrie is reduced to one. Brus remains the only Lowrie who is still among the living, both of his parents and his siblings dying of old age leaving no heirs behind. And yet, none are needed for the Black Mist has made Brus immortal to the point of litteraly being indestructible.

Brus witnessed the fall of Darkovia to Vampires, fought beasts, fiends and undead alike to fend them off from the Font. He became a legend in his own right which caught the attention of a Lich that was gathering an army, trying to destroy the shackles of his Fiendish Master. That Lich was no other than Dage the Evil himself. A king who sacrificed his kingdom and himself for power, and yet had the means to take it all back. Dage came with an offer, Brus would help him take over the Underworld and Dage's Legion will help Brus protect the Mistral Font, for the Fiends have gotten more powerful and who knows for how long Brus would be able to fight them on his own. Accepting the deal, Brus and Dage the Evil became close allies, and in the end Brus joined Dage's Legion even though Dage couldn't take his soul from him, the power of the mist blocking every attempt. Today, Brus is known as Ragnor the Cruel, and the Font moved to the Underworld by means of Magic, now stands as a monument to his power, protected by an army of Undead and Brus himself.


He is very tall and somewhat lean. He is often seen in his Formal Suit crafted for him by Dage. He also has a full War Suit.


He is seen as an Evil man, but that is not true. Brus is quite neutral to the world around him, willing to work with both good and evil heroes. He is a bit mischievous though, and has demonstrated the capacity for deceit. Gjappy still belives there is goodness in his heart.

Lore Trivia

-His real name is Brus.

-He is very active during Mogloween.

-He is a very tall individual, which usually frightens mortals when they see this towering Monster on the horizon.

-He is the only Undead Legion member with his soul intacked.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

There is an NPC but it's not yet implemented into the game.

Fun Facts

  • Is a player friend of Dage the Evil and Gjappy.
  • Loves cookies!
  • Has a huge love for tophats and coats.

Real life story

Brus lives in Croatia, Europe and played AQWorlds since 2009. As gaming was one of his biggest hobbies, he spent most of his time on AQWorlds and now AQ3D farming and questing.

When Dage the Evil introduced The Legion to AQWorlds and AQ3D, Brus was one of the first to follow the new faction. Becoming a legionnaire in heart and soul. Together with his friends, Darkon and Kaysuo, he shared the love for art and even Dage himself recognised his talents.

Being creative by nature, he also drew and wrote stories, which drew the attention of Gjappy with whom he often discussed story concepts, and occasionally showed his art to as well. Brus was greatly interested in Gjappy's lore about the Angels and pondered to be both angel and legionnaire, yet he took a turn and decided he will be an aspect of death within Undead Legion.

Besides AQWorlds and AQ3D, Brus played a lot of other games and is active in the community. He befriended Dage the Evil in game sharing the same interests and humor.