From what is known about Bido, he is a younger angel born in the Celestial Realm. Serving in the order of the Archangel of Death, Bido is tasked to guard the Divine Ragnarok Blade until an yet unknown hero will take it up against an undefeatable evil.

Playful and fun loving as he is, Bido did not choose to stay in the Celestial Realm and traveled down to Lore. There he wandered around in the forests, ocassionally visiting villages and playing with the children. As for in physical appearance Bido is a child too.

Around the start of the Chaos war Bido appears to live in the forests. He has befriended a bear with lingering memories. By drawing symbols and feeding it bananas Bido tries to awaken the memories.

When the bear brings back a seemingly dead angel Bido carefully investigates and thus is able to save and heal Gjappy from his injuries after his encounter with Drakath.

After recovering Gjappy helped Bido to heal the memory of the bear which appeared to be Rarest the time bear.

Together they traveled to the City of the Dawn after, where Bido and many others participated in the Battle of the Dawn. During the fight it's said Bido slew multiple dragons and had command of the seventh tower defense with Gandiral.

After the Battle of the Dawn he aided by the funeral ceremony of the fallen heroes and made stasis coffins for the heroes that would wait to be cured of chaorruption.

After the war and the defeat of Drakath by the Hero, Bido became uneasy with the things and memores he had faced in the Battle of the Dawn and started wandering in order to give the memories a place.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

Mainly described as a legendary artist for AQWorlds, Bido appears as an NPC in the /blackfridaywar and /djinnguard maps. During his birthday in 2016 and 2017 he released multiple items in the July Feature shops.

EpicDuel Lore

In the public Epic Duel Lore Bido is a friendly neighbourhood robot. Bido, when was brought up in-game appeared at Afterlife featuring a shop; Bido's inventory and Bido's missions.

Fun Facts

  • Loves the color green.
  • Often appears as a young boy.
  • Is the only angel to use herbalism for healing.
  • Is rather playful and likes animals.
  • For adults encountering Bido is a bad omen of incoming justice.
  • Alina accidentally released Bido's personal sword in june 2017.

Real life story

Real life Bido has been playing Artix Entertainment games for quite a time under the name Bidoof20. In 2013, Bido became part of the Ambassador program under Lothalis until their dissolution later that year.

He was originally hired in 2014 when Gjappy founded the Web QA team. He changed his name to Bido for copyright reasons. From there he evolved into an AQWorlds and AQ3D tester. Also led the testing of Undead Assault and became co-lead of Web QA with Taini Flaremist until the team was disbanded in 2016.

From the start of his AE career he has been doing art for Epic Duel and was thought to improve his skills by Charfade. In 2015 he joined the ranks of the AQWorlds artists and provided art for the game on a weekly basis besides his multiple other tasks.

He volunteers from AE from the United Kingdom and dedicates a rough 30 hours a week on his voluntary tasks besides gaming and real life.

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