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Beleen originates from Battleon, that is where she was born and grew up. She was good friends with Faith and Aria, so she also became a beastmaster. But Beleen is older than Faith and younger than Aria.

The most remarkable thing about Beleen is that she is a big lover of the color pink. Also she is all in for love and cuddles and extremely positive minded.

As attractive character many people have tried to get closer to her. But she always stays kind of oblivious to their charms claming she loves everyone.

Beleen loves setting up events an parties, which is why she is good friends with Cysero. They both accompany Artix in his quest in Doomwood.

Yearly, Beleen organizes Hero's Heart day, Carnival and Black Friday, which she both gives a touch of pink.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

The first place to find Beleen is in the Guardian Tower. In AQWorlds Beleen is either referred to as the Pretty Pinkomancer or the Pink Beastmistress. In the Guardian Tower she collects dyes to bring more 'color' to Lore. She is a Guardian after all, but a pink one.


Beleen is also found in BattleCon at the Vendor Booths, where she has her own pink art shop. She also used to sell balloons there.

Doomwood and Shadowfall

One of the biggest quests Beleen went on is with Cysero and Artix. They travel trough Doomwood and end up in Shadowfall rescueing Empress Gravelyn. While Artix does the fighting, Beleen and Cysero put themselves up as strategists.

Chaos Queen Beleen

Drakath bestows Beleen with the powers of Chaos and Beleen runs amok. She turns everything that crosses her path into pink or cute beings. Nulgath included. When she threatens to turn Artix and Swordhaven to pink, she has to be stopped before more than Draeria and Pastellia succumb to pink cuteness.

The Mirror realm.

In the mirror realm, Beleen is called 'she who strikes from the shadows' and is absolutely colorless and hidden.

Valentines day

First there is the story of Beleen's Dream island. Which is an island completely pink and cute, exactly how she likes it. But Bluddron the Beast captures Beleen and wants her to be his queen. Someone has to rescue her.

On another valentines day, Vordred falls in love with Beleen, hilarity ensued. She has to turn him down somehow without being turned undead.

The next valentines day Swaggy steals Cupid's arrows of love and hides himself in the dungeon called Chateau. Beleen and the Hero go after him trough the dungeon and have to take on a horrific pink unicorn. At the end the Wheel of Love awaits.

Mystcroft Forest

Beleen joins Sora to Hoshi, Samba and Loremaster Barb on a journey to an epic mogloween party, a masquerade ball! They do need to find themselves some supplies first however.


Yearly you can find Beleen and Cysero at the carnaval festvities. Because they love parties!

Other events

One day for April Fools, Beleen turned all battleon ito derp. She derpified the whole town which brought greeat hilarity.

During Black Friday she opens her shop of pinkified items.

Her birthday always is around Frostval, as to which she celebrates it there with the moglins and pinkifies a lot of very kown items, much to the horror of Dage the Evil or Artix Krieger.

DragonFable Lore

In Dragonfable Beleen yearly appears at Hero's Heart day. She is in Falconreach at chapter 4 of the story as Big Daddy is missing.

Later on she is with Big Daddy, True Mortal, the Hero, Captain Rhubarb, Ash, Aria, Mr. and Mrs Puddinghins, Scur, Vy, Ju and Tsu on a cruise. Where she forced True Mortal to be bartender, the rest all comes on board willingly. But she meddles with love potions and things run out of control. Only Big Daddy knew a cure.

HeroSmash Lore

In Hero Smash, Beleen runs a Beauty Boutique in East Main street. Where she sells outfits, hairstyles and more.

Fun Facts

  • Her in game and real life pet is Chongo the Chincilla
  • Beleen is a huge lover of Sriracha
  • While she worked on the Secret Underground lab she didn't use a chair to sit on, but a skippiball.
  • Beleen was a balloon artist in real life as one of her other jobs.
  • likes fortune cookies, marshmallows and pink bubblegum as favourite candies.

Real life story

It is not exactly known when Beleen joined Artix Entertainment. We assume it was around 2006 since she made her first appearance in DragonFable's Hero's Heart day event.

Beleen worked for Artix Entertainmet as Public Relations manager. Which meant she oversaw all Facebook and Twitter accounts, organized contests for the players and would do most of the player interactions. As well as keeping contact with other interested companies.

It was Beleen that invented yearly contests, like art contests, baking contests etc. First they were judged amongst the team, but later on Beleen made her own small group of judges and helpers out of the AE volunteers. Some of these still have the Pink Potato pet she rewarded for this.

She worked for Artix Entertainment for almost 10 years, but Artix Entertainment faced a regression. Beleen agreed to work part time, pursuing her own passions in writing and balloon art. As she always loved to make people happy.

In 2016 she decided to leave Artix Entertainment to pursue a carreer as writer of children books.