Founding and Purpose

The beastmen are an very ancient race on Lore that is almost as old as the Human race.

It came to existence due to the human race at some point but was never accepted or loved as a worthy race.

Due to hunting and the bad treatment most beastmen went into hiding and have never been seen ever since the known existence of the Eternal Dragon of Time.

Even other races on Lore didn't seem to like them and the population of beastmen such as satyrs or centaurs became very thin. As a result they isolated themselves from other races and ventured into barren or almost impassable locations on Lore to live there.

When magic was invented and Alchemists began to experiment this race was 're-invented' as due to the experiments it was discovered that certain normal creatures could develop higher intelligence.

As resulted in many 'magical' or higher intelligent creatures that sometimes even escaped and went on a life on their own.


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Notable events and achievements.


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Other AE games

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Fun Facts

  • Centaurs, Satyrs or birdmen are the most known of this race.
  • Beastmen with a more hairy/feathery apparel are also called furries.
  • They are not always evil or scary.

Real life story (optional)

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