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Balor the Warfiend, also known as "The ArchFiend's Claw", is a General of the Nulgath Nation. He currently resides on Sierra Umbra, training and recruiting for the Nation at the Shadowblast Arena.

Originally, Balor was a Void who practiced obedience to Adimonde. However, once Nulgath earned favour with Adimonde, and rose to the head of the Nation, Balor saw him as a fit leader, and sided with him. Though he was originally appointed the rank of Void Knight, Balor chose to pursue the brutal discipline of the Fiend Void. Balor quickly rose through the ranks of Nulgath's Nation, elevating himself as a champion and earning favour with his master.

When Dage the Evil first apprenticed to Nulgath, Balor had developed a powerful kinship with the Necromancer. Balor assisted Dage with training, particularly in combat. When Dage betrayed Nulgath, and attained his Mark of Mastery, Balor swore to destroy Dage, as the one thing he hates above all else is a traitor.

Aside from the obvious Undead Legion, Balor has a notable hatred for the Shadowscythe, as they believe themselves to be superior to the Nulgath Nation.

"The Shadowscythe cling to the past. They wrap themselves in the shade of Sepulchure's glory, failing to realise they lean on a shattered legacy. They remain ignorant of the world around them, and that will be their downfall."

- Balor the Warfiend

As Balor trains Nation members, and recruits at the Shadowblast Arena, he has expressed that there is an "unsung enemy" that he wishes to address, aside from the Queen of Monsters. However, he refuses to disclose any key information on what this threat may be. The only piece of information he has delivered is that Nulgath himself has given him jurisdiction as to whether or not this "unsung enemy" will be confronted.

Mirror Realm

In the Mirror Realm, Balor is the Archangel of Peace. Though he strives to uphold the peace he represents, he leads Celestial forces into battle against the Infernal Legions.

Many Millennia ago, the Angelic Balor fought the Archfiend of Discord. Their battle was titanic, however, Balor was ultimately bested by the Archfiend. In what were to be his final moments, Nulgath the Archangel intervened, and saved Balor's life.

Since that day, Balor has held Nulgath the Archangel in high esteem, and aspires to act as he does.

Notable Events -

The Evil War

Balor the Warfiend participated in the Evil War, serving as the leader for his own battalion. Throughout the devastating conflict, Dark Casters of the Undead Legion summoned the great spirit of Thanatos. As Thanatos began to wreak havoc on the Nation's forces, Balor challenged the malevolent creature to a duel. The Dark Casters empowered Thanatos, elevating it's power to even greater heights. Their battle was monstrous, and through the force of his power and sheer will, Balor managed to banish the spirit and bind its essence to the Underworld.

However, the battle had him extremely weakened. The empowered Thanatos left Balor barely able to move. Laken (known as "The Stranger"), Dage the Evil's second in command throughout the war, saw this as an opportunity to destroy the Warfiend. Using his incredible speed, Laken shot through the ranks of both the Undead Legion and the Nulgath Nation to cut Balor down. Being unable to move, Balor was incapable of reacting, and Laken's saber sliced through his chest.

Nation warriors swarmed around Balor, giving Laken no time to evaluate the situation. As fast as he could, Laken retreated. Balor was left in a critical condition, and was recalled from the Underworld for treatment. To this day, Balor the Warfiend seeks to destroy "The Stranger", though, it is unclear whether or not he knows Laken's true alignment.

Other Events

Balor the Warfiend fought alongside the forces of Evil at Mount DoomSkull. He distributed powerful demon weapons amongst the warriors in an effort to combat the vast hordes of Chaos.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

In the AQWorlds lore, Balor appears in the Shadowblast Arena as recruiter for The Nation. He gives you instructions on how to enter Tercessuinotlim and join the Nation. He promises many rewards in return for hard work.

When the Hero bests the Grimlord in a duel, Balor informs the Hero of Nulgath's message regarding a disturbance between Lore and the Oversoul. This foreshadows the potential strike of the Queen of Monsters.


Sometime after the Evil War, Balor lead an assault on the Undead Legion's Underworld, and emerged victorious. Using the claimed land, Balor established the Archportal Stronghold. The Archportal serves as the link between the world of Lore and the Oversoul, purposed for Nulgath's eventual return. The Statue of Balor the Warfiend is located within the Archportal as a tribute to Balor for his creation of the Stronghold. The statue also confirms his status as General.


Fun Facts

  • Balor wrote the original script for what became the Archportal event.
  • Balor's NPC was supposed to be the quest giver in Archportal, but was replaced by Dirtlicker.
  • The "Doomblade of Balor"/"Doomblade of Destruction" weapons were designed for him.
  • He has a satire YouTube Channel based around AE games.

Real life story

Balor's name in real life is Daniel. Daniel's first AE game was Dragonfable, which he first played when he was only 7 years old. He has played AQW since its Beta release, and to this day, he has an active presence within the AQW community.