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AQWorlds Lore

Being the Archangel of Good and wisdom Astar appeared in AQWorlds once at Aranx birthday in 2012. Selling his outfit and offering heroes to join the ranks of the angels. The angels of Good and Wisdom under the order of Astar are called the order of the Astral Guardians and together with the Astral Wanderers they guard the galaxies.

Astar replaced the membership NPC temporarily and sold Membership and AC's in his place. Buying these from him unlocked the Astral Guardian badge in the Book of Lore and permanent access to his shop and order. He also featured a Limited Time shop.

Real Life Story

The NPC of Astar was originally created by Aranx as his birthday NPC for that year. Later on the NPC came to life as an actual alternative staff account of Gjappy which he used to test new items with.

The staff account got renamed later and the name got taken by a player that was fan of the archangel.

After researching AE lore it was discovered that Astar as archangel of Good and Wisdom had close relations with- or could even be another form of Eldron from the AQ classic timeline.