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Artix is a paladin: a holy knight of good who defends the world from the forces of evil. He is honest, friendly and pure-hearted. As a child, Artix was the only survivor as his home town and foster family fell to a Necromancer's undead army. Taken in by the wise and kind Lady Celestia, he was trained by the Order of Paladins - this was very much against their will, as Artix was unable to use Light-based magic (without the use of Spirit orbs) which is a prerequisite for casting light based, healing and defensive magic. Celestia alone knew why, and it was a secret she kept from both Artix and the order. Artix became a champion of good whose story themes include never giving up, always choosing to do "what is right" over the easy path, and judging people by who they are, instead of what they are.

Artix's axe, the Blinding Light of Destiny, is able to free the Spirits orbs of the undead, which allow him to used light based magic. 

AQWorlds Lore

Main Storyline (13 Lords of Chaos)


The first time Artix appears in the AQWorlds storyline is already the introduction or tutorial. Artix appears as first in a cutscene, slaying undead. In the older versions of the AQWorlds tutorial Artix can also be found at the end of the map shooting the Hero up a dragon to save Princess Tara.

Current AQWorlds intro is called Oaklore and Artix there appears in the first room after you enter Oaklore Keep. He tells you there how to use your class.

Swordhaven invasion

His next apparition in AQW takes place during the invasion of Swordhaven by the undead forces commanded by Sepulchure. He wants to take King Alteon down, as he thinks he's the Champion of light, and killing him would start an endless era of darkness in all Lore. In order to stop him, he aids the Hero in the fight against the undead in order to get into the castle safely, as King Alteon and Sepulchure are about to start fighting.  


The next time you will find Artix in the main story is in the cutscene when King Alteon severely suffers from the chaos curse and befalls sick. Artix is there with the hero next to the bed of the gravely ill king and swears alliance to the king of Swordhaven.

Besides that you can normally find Artix in the Inn of Swordhaven where he offers to train you as paladin.

When Swordhaven later on falls to Chaos twice Artix is suprisingly absent at the scene.

Mount Doomskull

Following the story you will meet Artix again in a cutscene of the Chaos Finale. Firstly of the skyship of Stratos together with Alina and Warlic.   

As well in the cutscene that tells Drakath's story. When the Hero is ready to challenge Drakath in the Chaos Realm, Artix and Gravelyn lend the Hero their powers as elemental champions of Light and Darkness.  

Main Storyline 2 (Queen of Monsters)

In the battle agains the Queen of Monsters that happens after the 13 lords of chaos saga Artix is not as much involved either.

Again he does not appear to save Swordhaven from the next invasion and doesn't interfere with the quarrling heirs of deceased King Alteon.

But when the town of Battleon is at stake Artix suddenly is there; defending the east side of the town in Greenguard forest that surrounds the town.

Artix' Own Story

Doomwood Part 1

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Doomwood Part 2

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AQWorlds Zombies

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Dread Space

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Other Stories

Birthday Event: Gravefang

Invasion into Northpointe, hero has to defeat Gravefang, 6th birthday event.

Birthday Event: Underground Lab

Underground Lab 1 and 2

Birthday Event: BattleCon

Guides trough battlecon

Birthday Event: DragonRoad

Get them starswords

Mogloween: Darkovia Horde

Kill Zombies in Darkovia

Mogloween: Ebil Dread

Story of George Lowe; Beleen made everything pink, also undead.

Mogloween: Fear House

Face Artix' and his friends nightmares in J6's Fear House.

Throne of Darkness

Artix is the guide in this story

Wedding Event: Alina

Artix opens the Time Portal

Wedding Event: Artix/Adam

[Story on it's own]

Chaos Lord Beleen

Artix is left powerless in pink Swordhaven and Pinewood.

Nostalgia Quest

NPC duties

AQ Classic Lore

Character Creation

Artix at Paladin Order

Artix appears at the character creation screen in AdventureQuest where he introduces himself and helps the player create a new character, He then lets the player choose which starting class would they prefer. In Game

Artix welcomes you in the vast world of Lore and gives you a brief tour around the town of Battleon. Sensing danger, he helps you fight the Death Knight and Drakath.

At Paladin Order

Artix von Krieger is the head of the Order of Paladins in Lore. Paladins are the sworn defenders of all that is innocent and good in the world. They dedicate theirselves to fighting the dark forces of Lore. He wields his iconic Undead Axe which helps him vanquish the undead.

Dragon Fable Lore

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Artix in Necropolis








MechQuest Lore

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Hero Smash Lore

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AQ3D Lore


The very first time the Hero finds Artix in AQ3D is in Doomwood. There Artix appears to next to a tent, and mentions to have been traveling to Doomwood as reincforcements from the Paladin Order to the local paladins. And to investigate in the spread of the undead plague.

However all paladins seem to have succumbed to the growing undead plague in the area and Artix is the only one left standing. In his quests it appears the Doomwood paladin watch commander sold out his paladins to the undead to save his own life and buried the journal before he vanished himself.

Artix holds ground and slays undead on his own until the paladin reincforcements will arrive. Undead slaying is still his biggest hobby after all.

Shadowskull Tower

At the Shadow Tower Artix accompanies the Hero again to fight against the NecroKnight whom apparently is responsible for the undead plague in Doomwood. The undead are stronger here, but Artix is only pleased by this. After the Hero defeats the various forms of the Necroknight, Artix himself joins in to help you fight the Necroknight himself.

Fun Facts

  • He is the Champion of Darkness, even if he's a good paladin.
  • His parents were turned into undead.
  • He is allergic to pink.
  • Has a female alternative account named Xitra.
  • In the game Hero Smash he is called 'Martial Artix'.
  • His main hobby is slaying the undead.
  • He is said to never use contractions.
  • He always wear an armor. Even in his wedding, his suit was plated.
  • He has a real life version of his Blinding Light of Destiny.
  • In real life he is married; his wife's character is called Trinni (MQ) or Michelle (AQW)
  • Daimyo is his eternal pomeranian companion; even though he's already passed away.

Real life story

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