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Before know history Aranx was one of the seven first created angels. Appointed to represent Mystery and the secrets of creation, there is not a lot to tell about his times in the Celestial Realm.

As the war between Nulgath the Archfiend and Dage the Evil drew his attention, Aranx descended to Lore to support Dage the Evil.

Despite angels usually loathe of undead and stay out of internal fights of the evil faction; Aranx had a good, but hidden reason to participate and temporarily 'fall'.

Back in the Celestial Realm he was able to redeem himself and was appointed chairman of the Archangel Council. As more angels and Archangels left the Celestial realm to wander to new realms or dimensions, Aranx took up command and guardianship of the Celestial Realm.

His personal guard and apprentices are called the angelic Adamis , these are angel warriors he and the other archangels train to protect Lore and the Celestial Realm.He has two aide's; named Azariel and Ithuriel.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

In the AQWorlds Lore, Aranx is known as the Archangel of the Unknown or Mysteries, the Good one or the Mysterious Celestian Guardian. His main role is leading the Celestials (angels) against the corruption on Lore that has even reached the Celestial Realm (heaven) trough the Infernals and Chaos. The Celestials naturally side with Good and thus hate evil. Despite most characters, Aranx does not have a mirror version like most Celestials.

The Evil War

In the AQWorlds lore Aranx was first heard of in the Dage versus Nulgath war, where he joined forces with Dage the Evil for unknown reason, leading the scout team. He did not appear as NPC nor monster during the war however. Only he left some items behind as proof of this before flying back to the Celestial Realm.

Birthday Events

He had his first Birthday event in September 2012 to share some of his angelic art and weapons with the heroes of Lore. His birthday event is so far the only one inducing a rare character page badge. This was for the purchase of AC's during the month of September and from the NPC of Astar in Battleon in 2014.


Aranx also appears at BattleCon as one of the participating artists. Being there Solrac mentions to be healed by Aranx from severe injuries. He mentions being Archangel of the Unknown and champion of peace, love and harmony. And states to specialize in creating wings.

Bright Fortress

Only one time Aranx is met in the Mirror Realm, and then at Bright Fortress as the Legion of Light marches upon to defeat King Alteon the Unbalanced. Contrary to most characters, Aranx appears to not have a mirror version. But he does approach you as being an 'evil-doer'.

The invasion of the Celestial Realm

After the Chaos war against Drakath the Queen of Monsters tries to attack the Celestial Realm by making one of her most powerful minions open a portal into there during a solar eclipse. Through the portal the Infernals, their newest ally invade the Celestial Realm and start to corrupt it. The infernals are led by an fallen angel and manage to capture some of Aranx's brother angels.

Together with the Hero and a being called Ilahi Sama, Aranx tracks down the portal and his captured brothers into the Lost Ruins . And has to face off the Fallen Angels together with the Hero before freeing them. The demonic powers of the infernals that corrupt the place do weaken Aranx, as for the help of the Hero was greatly appreciated. It later appears that the Queen of Monsters herself was present but that she left after the second form of the fallen angel was defeated. The portal can't be entirely closed however.

Now the lore (the celestials track the lore) is safe Aranx receives word from Arthelyn whom he recognizes as the long missing ruler of the celestials.

The Infernal Spire

During the invasion of the Celestial Realm, the Infernals managed to capture some celestial weaponry and intend to use it against the celestials and Lore. Aranx' second in Command Azariel calls for the Hero as Aranx himself charges into the Infernal Spire to take on the Infernal Warlord himself. The hero comes just in time in the end.

The Celestial Arena

In the Celestial Arena, Aranx challenges you to take it up against the strongest of the celestial foreces to show your strenght and also wits in battle. The challengers will be stronger each time, but if you defeat them enough times great rewards are in store for you. Eventually you can even challenge Aranx himself, become Celestial Champion and obtain the Light Caster class, the evolution of Lightmage class, which can be upgraded again with the Evolved Light Caster Armor during his birthday.

The search for Arthelyn.

Aranx gets a vision of his mistress Arthelyn while being in the Celestial Realm. She appears to be held captive by evil forces and Aranx tries to keep the connection between them going when she is being approached by some evil presence, but as this fails he decides to go find her and asks the Hero to help.

Together with the Hero Aranx ventures in the dimensions of Ice, Darkness, Sand and Pocket to find Arthelyn. Starting off with the pocket dimension they go deep into the dimensional rift to find her. After four dimensions they land in Ivoliss where she's been held captive. They have to defeat Ivoliss itself, and thereby damage the stability of the dimension, so they have to hurry to find Arthelyn. When they reach her she has been severely corrupted by the dark powers that held her for so long. Trying to break free she eventually shatters all dimensions to be gone without a trace.

Other AE game Lore

Aranx does not appear in other AE game lore yet.

Fun Facts

  • Aranx has a fancy for stars and the galaxy.
  • Has had the most personals of all AE artists.
  • Has been with AE the longest of all voluntary artists.
  • Works (paid) on AdventureQuest Classic from time to time.
  • Arthelyn is actually not his wife, since Aranx isn't into females. But he is archangel thanks to her.

Real life story

Being a long time Danish Artix Entertainment games player, Aranx was there when AQWorlds got released and played the game in it's Alpha stages. Enjoying the game and the company he made suggestion art, posting them on the AE Forums.

After being noticed for the AQWorlds suggestion shop twice, Artix Entertainment hired Aranx as voluntary artist for AQWorlds somewhere around 2011-2012. Ever since Aranx has been making art for AQWorlds whenever he got time for that.

Around 2015 a place was free in the AdventureQuest classic team, which Aranx filled in as extra artist. Being one of the most popular good themed artists, he designed various beach themed gear and had his own angelic release in 2016. Each year players look out for his next birthday shop, as he is the best artist in making wings.

From around 2017 or 2018 Aranx is now a contracted artist for Artix Entertainment.