So it all started a few years back, young dragon slayers went on a killing spree with their new learned techniques. Dragon’s, draconian’s and other draconic beings were being pulled back into caves, away from society. The newer dragon slayers were pulled by vengeance for things that happened in their past. As there are humans, there are also good and bad dragons and most of them live close to a portal to dragon realm. 1 city, Dragonhame, was the main entrance to this realm. From here on of dragons came and go to seek adventure, or lay eggs somewhere in the human realm so they could grow up between human kindness.

Because of the dragonslayers’ cruelness and the dragon’s also filled with vengeance for their death kin, the dragonlords got worried. The dragonlords were those who tried to keep balance between both creations. They had an amulet that could control the dragons when they go into a rampage, and were strong enough to take down the dragon slayers.

The dragonlords had power over this balance, but not enough to control the elder dragons. The elder dragons were those beings that were seen as gods within the human realm, they controlled the weather, the earth, the sky, even the sun. These beings were too powerful to control, and too powerful to slay by the dragon slayers, but still they tried. After a while the dragonlords decided they needed a new kind of power to keep the balance at check, something they wouldn't be able to pull of as how they are right now.

Birth of a human

During a hot summer day, somewhere at the end of the 9th month, a human was born. This human got the name Aqua, named after how he got brought to life, in the sea. He was of normal size, normal height and didn’t cry the first few weeks, he learned how to walk after a year already and was running around the yard when he was 2. His father, who’s name is unknown, told him that with this kind of energy he could become a dragonlord if he trained enough. Aqua, as young as he is, tough this was serious and ran every day around the yard, he ran for groceries and even ran for bread when there was none at home. Soon he became 5 years old, the age when the adventure started. The blacksmith of his little town needed an apprentice. Aqua applied as soon as he heard this, and got accepted too! The blacksmith didn’t know that behind this enthusiasm of Aqua, there was another goal, crafting his own dragonlord gear! Although he had to start slow with giving the blacksmith iron bars, coals, keeping the pump active, etc. All the jobs Aqua didn’t really want to do, but he was enthusiastic about it. He knew that one day he would become a dragonlord if he trained enough. So after the 12h of working he did every day, he worked out for 4 more hours, training his endurance, his swordsmanship and other skills he tough he would need to become one of them.

The disaster

Aqua was still training as an apprentice for the blacksmith, he finally got good enough to craft his own sword for a poor knight that came from the north. Aqua started working very hard on this piece as he wanted to see the smile on the knight’s face when he gave it to him. But suddenly a party of at least 20 dragon slayers arrived in the city, searching for a cave nobody heard of. They started tearing down the city and taking hostages until someone would talk, but nobody knew anything about it. Young Aqua was hiding behind the furnace, waiting till it was all over. They started burning down building, acting like they were above the law. You could see the thirst for blood on their faces, as if they were trained to kill everything on their path.

Aqua snuck away through the back of the armory and ran into the forest, until he saw an opening in the mountain that he didn’t notice before. He guessed that the town must has known about this as well and are keeping silent to protect the dragon. Aqua jumped into the cave, filled with water and ice crystals, he walked all the way down where he saw 2 dragons laying in a Ying-Yang pose toward each other. He started talking very stuttery about what was happening outside and begged them for help. The dragons responded that the fate of this world isn’t in their hands, that they couldn’t win against so many dragon slayers without making human sacrifices. The dragons went back in their pose, ready to take a nap. Aqua responded that he will take down the dragon slayers, and if he dies, the dragons should feel responsible. The dragons looked at him while he walked out of the cave full fear of what is coming next.

But at the exit he saw the dragon slayers standing getting ready for the fight. Aqua ran back in and told the dragons that the dragon slayers have arrived. The dragons stood up, they were at least 30 meters tall, as high as Aqua could see, both of them. They asked Aqua to go behind them and to not watch what was going to happen next. The dragon slayers stormed inside with all their attire, the dragons were performing some powerful magic that Aqua has never seen before. The dragon slayers started shooting diamond arrows toward the dragons, one of the only thing that can actually get through their scales when aimed correctly. The other dragon slayers were performing magic to create a barrier against the dragon’s magic, but it wasn’t powerful enough.

All 20 dragon slayers died by the hand of the 2 dragons, or let’s say their breath. But they were hit too, both collapsed to the ground, crying in pain. Their death was getting closer and Aqua didn’t know what to do, as he expected his whole family to be death from the damage the dragon slayers were doing inside the town. The dragon slayers asked the youngling to stand before them, and as he did they offered him a soul exchange, so all 3 of them would survive.

Aqua agreed to this and soon after he felt a raging pain through his body, as if he got hit by the same arrows the dragons got hit by. The wounds of the dragons started healing due to the soul of Aqua, which was strong enough to withstand the power of the dragon souls. The dragons were named Tidalwave and Frostbyte, they were the elder dragons of water and ice. Together they controlled the sea in harmony.

So a dragon master was born, was it the first one? We might never know, but we know that with courage and sacrifices, a dragon might give you it’s trust, and offer a soul exchange for more power.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

The character did not make any public appearance in any Artix Entertainment games.

Fun Facts

  • Aqua, Gjappy and Roroth have traveled together to the lab in 2013
  • Aqua loves math, if you meet him, he will tell you that.
  • Has been playing AE games since 2006

Real life story

Aqua has been playing AdventureQuest, AQWorlds and DragonFable since 2006. His favorite game has always been DragonFable because of the immersive story.

In 2012 he met Gjappy and Roroth in real life due to their guild of Dutch Speaking AE gamers, which Gjappy led at the time. They quickly became friends and over time had the crazy idea to visit Artix Entertainment in real life.

So in 2013, he joined his friends on a trip to Florida and visited Artix Entertainment. Right there, in the Artix Entertainment Secret Underground Lab he was hired as tester by Artix Krieger who had him help Gjappy in testing bugs and releases. They also accompanied AE to DragonCon that year, where Aqua wore his Tomix cosplay outfit, as Tomix was his favorite AE character. He even was casted in the commercial for BattleGems and brought Xellos his friend to DragonCon in the form of a pink potato.

Being a very honest and straightforward person, Aqua could not fit in with the policies of Artix Entertainment. He absolutely adhorred the fact of abusing staff powers and that new volunteers got a lot of free things even. before they did any work for Artix Entertainment. As this did not change any soon he stepped down in 2014. Even before doing so, he deleted all the items he had loaded with staff powers from his account and had his AC balance reset.

He continued playing AE games however and did voluntarily help test BattleGems, AQDragons and other mobile games. He also helped judging contest because his friends at the team kind of kept involving him.

Begin 2016 he officially came back to lead AE Contests after Beleen left the company. Together with his friends he tested AQ3D, and set up various contests for the community, such as the Music Video contest, art contests, music contests and baking contests. Unfortunately he again majorely bumped into the limits of AE's policies and out of frustration retired again later that year.

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