The origin of Apextwin is the void, or more like the Astral realm. Like Memet he is not what he appears to be. Yet on Lore he does appear as a small werelin (half werewolf, half moglin).

Apextwin appeared on Lore trough an dimensional rift in Darkovia and was taken in by Gjappy whom sensed this event.

He is always full of questions and pretty curious, but also kind of a dreamer. Apextwin occasionally hops dimensions and times to explore.

As was discovered later on, Apextwin is a being of multiple dimensions and besides is form as Apextwin he also can appear as Lupi or Lami. Research by Gjappy resulted in an evidence that he possibly is a new reincarnation of Paxus and Negatus and thus a champion of balance.

His alternate selfs do not appear very much because it requires the Eternal Stone of Balance to fully unlock their presence. While for now they are supressed by a dark force which is one of two.

An old prophecy inclines he is going to bring balance via an unnatural way. But for the time being he joins Gjappy as a companion until the time is right.

AE Lore

AQWorlds Lore

In AQWorlds, Apextwin will appear as the battlepet for a select few.

Fun Facts

  • Big lover of dogs, has one in real life.
  • Does like any kind of animals in general.
  • Has some fabulous hair.
  • Likes dreaming of good things.

Real life story

Real life Apextwin is a dedicated player which started playing in Alpha of AQWorlds. He did lose his first account, but created his now main account Apextwin after.

As huge fan of Artix Entertainment he has always aspired to help them as volunteer one day. He met Artix Krieger in real life at DragonCon in 2016.

In 2017 he enrolled into the Whitehad initiative program, but unfortunately that was shut down soon after. Ever since he just reports bugs for the game when he can.

He also befriended Gjappy, Memet and Soki along the way which gave him useful tips and lasting friendship. As Memet was interested in his stories he wrote down a headline which Gjappy later on transformed into a character story.

For his birthday in 2019 Apextwin became a battlepet in-game as Gjappy his Kickstarter reward.

Fast forward to 2020 Apextwin is still helping Artix Entertainment and Captain Rhubarb with various projects. Known is that he was one of the testers making sure the Ulimate Item of Donated Awesomeness automated reward system only rewards the right items.

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