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Alina Poisonbane, formerly known as Alac, is a Royal Alchemist who serves King Alteon. In her early life, she was taught the Alchemy arts, as she always had a special talent for them. Because of that, it was easy for her to become a member of the royal court. She was the master of Reens, a Potion maker who nowadays has her own shop in Arcangrove. Her surname, Poisonbane, was a reward for her most succesful job: She discovered a solution which could render whatever poison useless. After this, she could change her name to Alina.

She's married with the Royal Knight Rolith, who is her closest companion and ally.

AQW Lore

In AQWorlds, she works as the Royal Potion Mistress of King Alteon's court. She makes an appareance in a good amount of places, as Battleon Town's Alchemy shop and Alchemy Academy (these being the most relevant ) through the game and acts as a quest-giver. However, she has a saga of her own too, where she is a suspect of an assasination attempt on King Alteon.

Alina's Tale

This saga takes place in Swordhaven. King Alteon is poisoned and the main suspect is Alina.

The first part of this questline takes place in a Manor. Alina's investigation made her think the true culprit was Raoul Silvertree, a minor officiate of the king's court. After completing it, a cutscene will explain that he indeed was the culprit. He forced his daughter Shendra to poison the King after he implied he'd be helped by the "Metal man" to "become a hero" if she did so.

However, he was only a intercessor of this "Metal man", which is the alias of Xavier Lionfang, brother of Maximilian Lionfang, who threatened to kill Alteon and set up an "Absolute good" regime alongside the traitor knights he could convince.

With the help of the Hero, Alina ventures into Poison Forest to find out that the true culprit was Xavier, and take his plans down. Then, the player has to decide if he should be imprisoned (Good choice) or executed after what he did (Evil choice).

Alina's Wedding

One of the things I love most about Rolith is that he is as passionate about life as I am. WE battle together, we adventure together… and occasionally we get so caught up in what we're doing that we lose track of everything except each other!

- Alina in his Wedding event

In this little event, the Hero is asked by Alina, Rolith and Cysero to help with all the stuff needed for the wedding to be ready. The questline itself takes place in a lot of different locations of Lore, as they need a good ammount of different resources. Later on and after completing the couple's quest, Cysero tells the Hero the couple is gone. The hero discovers that they have been trapped in a giant hourglass found in an alternative time plane made of their fears and anxiety. After being helped by Artix, the Hero sets them free.

In the end, the Wedding ends up being a success, having them finally married by King Alteon. The cutscene shows a final message dedicated to the couple.

Underground Lab sagas

During Brutalcorn invasion, she embodies a developer persona, and offers the player some farming quests and the chance to adquire Dragon Shinobi class.

In Chaos Lab event, the Underground Lab in the "Land of the devs" (The representation of the real world in-game) is invaded by Chaos forces, which "built a bridge between worlds", and Alina becomes chaorrupted and acts as a boss. With the help of Dage the Evil, the Hero returns the Underground Lab to its original state.

Love Lockdown

In Love Lockdown event, an "emotional puppet master" is playing with the minds and emotions of the people of Lore. She appears represented as her biggest fear: Rolith forgetting about Hero's love day and her. The Hero defeats this fear, and continues their journey to stop the villain.

Other AE games Lore

Dragon Fable

In DragonFable, she also runs a little Potion Shop in Falconreach town alongside her apprentice Reens. She also appears in a lot of sagas as a secondary character, although she is not given the same relevancy as she gets in AQWorlds.

Frostvale 11

She's seen during a small cutscene alongside Rolith, having a small chat with him about moglins..

Castle Valrith - Calamity Saga (2013) (WIP)

In this saga, Alina is one of the assistants of the hero in the battle against Baron Jaysun Valrith, "the man who represents the worst of evils" (and his minions), to stop his plan of extending the Darkness and the undead all around the world.

Fun Facts

  • She's also married with Rolith in real life. That's the reason behind the wedding event.
  • She has two pet ferrets.
  • Her "transformation" scene in one of Alina's tale cutscenes can be considered a Sailor Moon reference.
  • She is the Royal Alchemist of Swordhaven after certain incidents...
  • She lives in Battleon Town but you can also find her in Alchemy Academy.
  • Alac88, her first username means: Apocalypse Literary Arts Coalition (her university literary magazine). It was founded in 1988.
  • She is also a very kind-hearted person

Real life story

In real life Alina did not actually live in the area of the Secret Underground lab at first. Before 2007 she worked for her local newspaper as writer and even ran her university's literary magazine during grad school. In the breaks of her work and schooling, she would play AQ Classic and DragonFable. Using her social and writing skills she eventually ventured on the Artix Entertainment Forums to ask questions and help out other players under the name Alac88.

In 2007 Alina was noticed by the Forum Admins and made Forum Archknight. The same week she was also hired as co-editor in chief of the Zardian, AE's online magazine. This because she excelled in writing. From then on she worked under the name of Alac.

Time with DragonFable

Then, in 2008 she began helping the DragonFable team with writing and coding voluntarily. She also attended to DragonCon that year and met the AE team in real life. As well saw Rolith there for the first time. Artix convinced her to join the developer team in Florida and so Alac prepared for this big transition.

It was in 2009 that she finally got to join the AE team at the Secret Underground lab as she moved over to Florida. She worked there full-time as DragonFable developer doing design and writing, working closely together with Rolith who thought her more coding. Last year already Artix Entertainment had also released AQWorlds and Alac joined the AQWorlds team as being one of the first moderators besides her job for DragonFable.

When she wrote her own in-game release for DragonFable in 2010, she could not stick to her name Alac and then changed to Alina, the potionmistress as she appeared in-game. She became good friends with a lot of other staff members like Reens and Cysero but build an even stronger relationship with Rolith.

Taking over AQWorlds

As AQWorlds grew and became more succesful, Alina was moved over from the DragonFable team to the AQWorlds team in 2011. This same year she became co-lead of the game with Cysero to eventually take the total lead of AQWorlds in 2012. But not before she married Rolith in real life and in-game, almost one year after Cysero had done the same.

Since then she has been leading the AQWorlds team as it's official project lead. She organised the growing game very well, making different sub-teams with as lead: Reens for the moderators, Stratos for the testers, J6 for the artists, doing coding and writing herself with Memet, Dumoose and Yorumi. Being this organised the game development structure was very clear and worked smoothly.

Being very engaging and possibly remembering the time at the forums, Alina also started to take out standard amounts of time in her schedule to interact with the AE community over the Forums, Design Notes and Social Media. Counting in number of written AQWorlds Design Notes she might beat Artix in amounts.

Almost taking over Artix Entertainment

As Artix Entertainment grew in company and her organising skills sure proved their worth in 2015 Alina obtain the extra task and title of Artix Entertainment Project Manager. This entailed that she would oversee many of AE's non-game projects. Like contests, documentation, the Loropedia, wiki, websites, voluntary staffing etc.

Having a way broader range now there was a lot more organizing to do and policies to change, which she has been doing behind the scenes all the time. This besides still being the lead of the AQWorlds team.

Later in 2017 she got officially promoted to Vice-President of Products and Operations, the right hand of Artix the actual president (CEO) of Artix Entertainment. Her function means that she oversees all products (games) and how they operate within Artix Entertainment besides Artix himself. It is needless to say that she is besides Artix one of the most busy members of Artix Entertainment.

Still she also always does find herself time each day to interact with the community and answer the numbers of people that message her. And despite that she did not give up her previous job as AQWorlds lead, her passion which she still does with joy and dilligence.