Founding and Purpose

The AE team guild is as old as Artix Entertainment itself and contains the core representatives of the company.

Artix Entertainment only allows their contracted staff members to be in the AE Team guild. Contracted staff members are paid by the company to do their job and work either in the Secret Underground Lab or from home.

However, if an contracted staff member leaves the company for whatever reason they do remain in the AE Team guild unless they left on bad terms.


Working from the Secret Underground Lab

Ai No Miko, Alina, , Charfade, Circa, Cysero, Dage the Evil, Dionysus, Galanoth, Glisel, Korin, Kraken, Llussion, Memet, Mordana, Nevaya, Nythera, Oishii, Rabblefroth, Requin, Rolith, Stryche, Thyton, Titan, Vidra, Warlic, Xero, Yergen, Yorumi and Zhoom.

Working from home.

Captain Rhubarb, Ghost, Hollow, J6, Nightwraith, Reens, Sora to Hoshi and Tomix.

Contracted staff that left the company

Aelthai, Arklen, Beleen, Blade, Dumoose, Faith, Geopetal, Jemini, Kiara, Kitiyana, Lady Tomo, Leviathan, Lim, Maegwyn, Minimal, Nulgath, Randor the Red, Rivet, Safiria, Samba, Stratos, Solrac, SorciaKat, Swolicus, Tamarann, Vesper, Zazul, Zolea and Zoshi.

Notable events and achievements.


Most of the AE team members can be found in the map Northpointe in AQWorlds. Which resembles the real life area of the Secret Underground Lab.

Other AE games

At birthday events of the company, on all games various staff members appear.

Fun Facts

  • The Secret Underground Lab, is not so underground.
  • Most staff members of this guild do not add players to their friendslist.
  • They are never to rarely all online together.

Real life story (optional)

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