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Welcome to AE Lore wiki!

Welcome to the AE Lore wiki. We’re a collaborative community website about the Artix Entertainment Lore that anyone, including you, can contribute!!

If you're here to look for the Artix Entertainment Lore, you 've come to the right place. We describe the lore and stories of all characters, factions, races, classes, jobs and places in any of Artix Entertainments games. Both in-game stories as real life stories will be a part of it.

This includes AQ, AQW, AQ3D, Dragon Fable, Epic Duel and some of the smaller games. You will notice we center our overview around AQWorlds however as that is the game which gives the best story overview so far. We are not a game-wiki; for that we would like to redirect you to the wiki's of AQ, AQW, AQ3D, DragonFable or Epic Duel to find out any specific items. We will link to these occasionally too; but will focus on the main story the games put down.

Is this site accurate?

Since it's always in the works and we are still building on the wiki there might be things missing. For sure with our small team we can only do so much to keep up. The information that is written down is accurate, but could in cases need updates as new lore comes out.

The Storylines

As this wiki is about lore it is logically to tell something about the storylines that their games feature and how these stand in the order of the timeline. For a more accurate description visit the Timeline page.

The AE Timeline 1th 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
Release Timeline AQ DF WF MQ AQW ED HS OS AQ3D


In this wiki, we'll try to summarize all AE lore so far. We 're not yet 100% complete and likely never will be as the games continue to grow; but we try to stay as accurate as possible. And you can also find some information about known AE community members and their own stories. For now we have divided the wiki in the following main categories:

Alignments Chaotic Evil Good Neutral Order
Factions Classes Factions Races Guilds
Characters AE Staff Legendary NPCs VIP


Currently we allow everyone to contribute. Preferably to fill in existing pages that are set up to template. To contribute you will need to create a Wiki account. That is easily done in the menu bar at top right corner.

  1. Click "My Account"
  2. Choose "Register"
  3. Either connect with Twitter or Facebook or create a standalone account.
  4. Login by clicking it again and choose "Log in"
  5. Then; go to any page and click "Edit" to be able to edit.

Then you can contribute; to find out how you should read the instructions.

Instructions <- are found in this link there.

If you contribute and write any page content make sure to follow these major rules:

  1. It must be Artix Entertainment related.
  2. It has to be canon and/or fit in the Artix Entertainment Lore.
  3. It has to be canon and/or fitting with the lore of any other characters/factions/elements you include.
  4. Real life content about anything must be positive or objective.
  5. Real life content about anything may not reveal sensitive information.

Below shows the activity log. The wiki admins and moderators will review any of the made changes.

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